[cafe] Afternoon coffee by Utrecht Canal at Il Pozzo

Yes, finally, I have resumed my foodie’s life. After one hectic week of social activities and beginning-of-term shock (I’m still in shock actually, has the semester really started???), I am slowly going back to my normal life, that is, checking out as many restos & cafes/tea houses as possible.

If you happen to be in Utrecht, or in any Dutch city for that matter, the IT place is usually by the canal. Utrecht is no exception. Surrounding Utrecht’s Oudegracht (old canal) is a plethora of restaurants, cafes, antique shops, food trucks, and everything in between. If you follow my blog, you must have seen me enthusiastically upload trillions of photos of this ultra pretty canal already. Tired of admiring it from afar, today, I decided to sit down at Il Pozzo–an Italian restaurant famous for its prime location (right on the Oudegracht bank!)–for some afternoon coffee, accompanied by a tiramisu.

Let me get to the point first, what I had were very mediocre. The Macchiato was too mild for my taste. No, it’s not oh-it’s-espresso-with-milk-so-of-course-it-should-be-milder, but it was to the point of me hardly being able to detect any coffee flavor at all :-s The tiramisu, on the other hand, was too sweet. The portion was generous with extra whipped cream, but that couldn’t make up for the intensity of the saccharine level.



This for less than 10 euro:

But did I care? No, my gastronomic friends, I didn’t. As much as I love good food, I also value the atmosphere and the location. Il Pozzo’s fare was average at best, but it happens to be situated at the top-notch location of the city, and the whole ambience was impeccable. I happily spent 2 hours there, reading (and taking photos) my afternoon away. Is there anything better than sitting by an awesomely photogenic canal, under the warm sunlight, coffee in hand, some sweet treat in another, (pretending) reading a book? If you know, please comment below.

Yes, the green, peaceful waters made the best background possible. Any food would look good with that kind of backdrop.

View from my seat ;~~~;

I literally stopped reading every 5 minutes to take identical photos, but who won’t?

Mmmm sunlight ;v;

Funnily enough, I was reading this book, Swindled: The Dark History of Food Fraud, from Poisoned Candy to Counterfeit Coffee, there. Reading about Food frauds while eating was actually quite chilling lol.

But nothing could stop me from wolfing down everything on my table~

Il Pozzo can accommodate 250 customers at a time. And though there are quite a number of vacant seats on weekdays, it can easily be packed during weekends.

Though Il Pozzo didn’t wow me with their food, I certainly had a wonderful afternoon there, thanks to the atmosphere, the friendly service (I talked to 3 of the staff and everyone was very hospitable), and the amount of pictures I could take. If you are looking for a cafe/resto at the prime location of the city with a reasonably priced menu, Il Pozzo can make a good option.

Il Pozzo, Oudegracht, Utrecht, The Netherlands. For full menu & prices please check out their homepage.


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