[eat] Belgian waffles at Limburg @ Hongdae, Seoul

I keep forgetting to write about this place >.> Waffles are my favorite dessert in the world. Seoul indulged me with numerous choices for this sweet little thing, but Waffle Bant forever and always tops my list as a to-go place for their sensational waffles and amazing yogurt smoothie. Will Limburg–another waffle chain with 2 stores in Hongdae alone–be good enough to claim the position that Waffle Bant has long held in my heart?

The answer is, very close. Like Waffle Bant, Limburg’s waffles were made to order, thus they were fresh, hot, and fluffy. Both places’ waffles are utterly yummy, but I adore the former’s desserts for its coating of glistening caramelized sugar, which adds just enough bitterness and aroma to the sweet treat. Limburg’s, though, have their own merits…

The waffles were much bigger than those at Waffle Bant, that is one big bonus point.

They had the right amount of sweetness with a tad of tanginess to boost. I had no idea where the tang came from, but I loved how the two flavors complimented each other beautifully:

An ice americano to pair with it:


Limburg is a chain and I have seen 2 branches in Hongdae (one near Hongdae station and the other near Sangsu) as well as one near City Hall. This is the review for the one near Hongdae station exit 9:

Hongdae branch 2: Sangsu station exit 1

City hall branch: City hall station exit 1


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