[cafe] Amazing carrot cake at Barbeton @ Utrecht, the Netherlands

Happy Birthday to me lol x( It is already September 7th in Vietnam & Korea, and thus I am officially 22. Here in Utrecht, though, I am still clinging onto the tail of the relentless flow of time ;~;
I honestly have no idea what I am going to to tomorrow for my birthday… Maybe go out again to eat and take pictures and upload on this blog. Lol I am 22 soon but still don’t have a life.

Enough ranting. Today I checked out Barbeton, a quite popular cafe in the center of the city, and fell head over heels for the place. If on the other day, at Il Pozzo, I got the luxury of sitting by the canal while chomping on some tiramisu, today I enjoyably spent my time sitting on the pavement, watching people, and, as always, pretending to study, with a yummy cake as an accompaniment.

Barbeton had a quiet, relaxed, and casual atmosphere, which is right up my alley. The cafe, though, was also spacious and bright. It had simple decor, but some tiny blossoms or plants on each table were enough to light up the place.

On such a beautiful day like today, however, sitting outside had to be the one and only decision. Barbeton’s outside seating gives you a money-worthy view of the Dom tower–Utrecht’s symbol.

Peaceful Utrecht morning ;~;

Though Barbeton’s menu consisted of usual fare you could easily find in other cafes, it also had some unique drinks which proved to be quite popular. One of which is the Cranberry Ice Tea, I have passed by Barbeton a few times, and every time I could catch a glimpse of some customer enjoying that beautiful & refreshing looking drink. This morning, however, I was in the mood for some hot tea. Thus I ordered a pot of Rose Losse the (loose leaf tea; 3 euro) & Barbeton’s famous carrot cake (3.75 euro).

My Lipton loose leaf Rose tea was beautiful: fragrant, uplifting, and strong enough. Unfortunately, they wouldn’t give you water refill x(

The carrot cake was sensational. Utterly delicious. This flawless sweet piece of holycarrotcake was moist and fluffy, with some crunch from the pecans and a touch of warmth from the cinnamon. The cake to cream cheese frosting ratio was perfect, making each bite a pleasure:

And yes you can see and taste the carrots:

Perfection on a plate:

Needless to say, Barbeton is a gem in the city. The location is exceptional, the food undeniably great, and prices very affordable. I can totally see myself being a frequent customer there in the future.

Barbeton, Korte Jansstraat 13, Utrecht, The Netherlands.


4 thoughts on “[cafe] Amazing carrot cake at Barbeton @ Utrecht, the Netherlands

  1. Happy birthday to you ! I recently found your blog that I use for reference since I just moved to the Sinchon area after being north East of Seoul and it’s been really useful so far, thanks ! Did you move to Utrecht or is it just holidays ? If you come back to Seoul i’ll be very glad to meet you and show you some awesome place i discovered over the years also ^^

    Cheers and have a good day for your 22 ;)

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