[eat] Chicken steak at Roscoco @ Hongdae, Seoul

It’s embarrassing to say this but the more I eat food the less I know about them. Just when I thought there was no way that any chicken dish cooked with any kind of method could wow me anymore this happened and had me seriously think about my attitude to chicken. I mean, chicken is healthy and delicious and all that jazz, but it doesn’t have this element of surprise because it seems I have eaten enough chicken in my life to have a reason not to be impressed by it. My my, I’m glad I went to Roscoco and had an eye-opening experience because that restaurant had one bucket of awesomeness that is chicken.

Good things come at low expectations. As much as I’d seen many beautiful food photos taken at the resto, I went to the place only hoping that at least the chicken would be big enough to fill up my stomach. We ordered Garlic tomato sauced chicken steak (5800 KRW), Basil pesto sauced chicken steak (6800 KRW)*, Shrimp skewer (2800 KRW) and Shrimp cazuela (7800 KRW) (yes I know we’re shrimp freaks). After waiting for a relatively short amount of time (considering how much we ordered), everything was served altogether on the table.

Let’s talk about the shrimp skewer first.


The first thing that surged through my mind when the dish was served was the disappointment of how badly arranged the shrimps were! It was so aesthetically unpleasant compared to the one showed on the picture. Maybe I shouldn’t have been so fussy over such trivial matter, but we only ordered 1 skewer, not 10 so at least they should have tried to put them in a nicer way. This picture really didn’t do the messiness justice. Further than that, the shrimps were under-flavored and pretty dry.

The Shrimp cazuela, however, was epic. The shrimps and garlic were cooked in a cazuela, beautifully flavored and well blended in the spicy tomato sauce which made me end up putting all the shrimps of the skewer into the pot as well. 

My choice was the Tomato garlic chicken steak and it is not their signature dish for nothing. The dish was very well-proportioned, lovely plated and smelled heavenly. The rice was okay, a tad bit too dry but it wasn’t the problem because I wasn’t here for it to begin with. The chicken skin was a bit over-burned and evenly grilled, hence absolutely crispy and delicious. The BBQ flavor is distinctive but not overpowering.  And the sauce was definitely the hero. Spicy, savory and charismatic.

The chicken was delectable. It was so soft, moist and smelled like a dream. Can you see the FAT of the meat oozing out, making every bite 875340 times better?

If my dish was bold,  strongly seasoned and overly aromatic then the Basil pesto chicken steak was fresh, mellow and sophisticated. I tried a bit of the sauce and god was it lovely. I could taste a faint yet visible mix of cheese, garlic and nuts. I loved the smell of the basil. The pesto was gr8910. And of course the chicken was just as sexy.

While there was nothing to comment about the rice in my dish, there’s so much to talk about the grilled potato here. The potato was dry in all the right ways. It was supposed to be there to complement the chicken and the pesto yet still managed to score big impression. I was interested in paying attention to my friend’s dish more than mine lol.



(*) + (**): the price that I listed in (*) and on (**) is the price you will pay before 5pm (which is 2000 KRW cheaper) for the listed dishes. After 5pm, you will have to pay the original price.



And always a cup of gongcha to perfect the day:

Roscoco is the place I’d want to visit on a frequent basis!

Roscoco, Hongdae station, exit 9:


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