[eat] Eating around Utrecht, or how I spent my first birthday in Europe

So… happy birthday to me =}} Finally my day is over. It was an uneventful day, but was enjoyably spent. My friend came all the way from Leeuwarden to see me, and I spent the whole day with her (or the other way round). We just walked around Utrecht, doing some shopping, sightseeing, and eating (surprise surprise).

For lunch, we had a taste of Holland by trying out some huge & tasty Dutch pancakes at De Oude Muntkelder–fabulously situated by the Utrecht canal. The place takes pride on being “the best pancake restaurant of Utrecht and surrounding,” and though this was the first time I had ever tried this type of pancakes, I can say that they are not blowing hot air.

Before ordering anything, the first ritual is to check your camera…

We came to De Oude Muntkelder 20 minute before it opened time, so we had to wait. The staff, though, still arranged the seats for us. Comfortably seated, we began to study the menu before making the wise decision of ordering one ‘Canadian’ pancake (pancake with bacon, onions, mushrooms, ham, cheese and curry sauce/12 euro), Pink grapefruit (1.25 euro), apple pie & coffee & whipped cream & ice cream (5 euro).

Our drinks came first:

Followed by the main dish & dessert at the same time lol.

Yes the pancake was HUGEEEEEEEEEE

with lots of bacon & mushrooms >v< Only bad people dislike bacon. The saint in me, obviously & naturally, was ecstatic to see strands upon strands of these crispy, salty, smokey, meaty hotness piling on our big, round, cheeky pancake. The pancake's texture was also quite cool: chewy but not doughy, crispy on edge, soft & moist in the middle without being soggy.

You can dip each bite in this sauce–it tasted curry-ish, quite sweet, but interesting.

Gigantic & calorie-laden, you should definitely share this bad boi, even if you don’t want to:

The apple pie was good but not exceptional. In fact, it tasted like mass produced stuffs one can buy for really cheap at supermarket: decent, yet uninteresting.

Actually, I am 99% sure that it is supermarket pie lol:

The only thing I disliked about De Oude Muntkelder is that the staff seems rude and very grumpy, especially the dude who showed us the seats & took our order. Come on dude, the weather was nice and everything, take it easy ~.~

But at the end of the day, this is what a true food blogger should only care about:

De Oude Muntkelder, Oude Gracht a/d Werf 112, 3511 AW Utrecht.

After a huge lunch, what would weight-conscious girls do? Burn calories. It was Saturday, so the Flowermarket Oudegracht was open along the canal…

Everywhere we went was breathtakingly picturesque:

What do you think about my new H&M shirt? xDDDD I am usually veryyyy thrifty but when I saw this lady I had to have her.

We walked into a few antique stores and were fascinated by every single thing there. I didn’t take pictures (I forgot to! Was totally enchanted by them ;A;), but I can assure you that everything was oozing elegance and class and beauty and history :( In fact, I am going to come back to all the stores tomorrow >v<

As daylight started to fade, it was time for dinner. We had a very, very meager dinner at a random place called Broodje Ploff:

I got fried potatoes & curry sauce (2.15 euro):

while the friend got herself a burger (3.1 euro):

Lol life of third world country students ~.~

This is what I wrote on my facebook, along with this picture: “First bday dinner in Korea I had 15 people. Second bday I had 5. First bday in Europe I have one friend and some fries ㅋㅋㅋ be nice to people or you will end up like me folks”

Right after I wrote those uplifting, witty words, the friend came back with some chicken (4 euro):

Boy was it good & plentiful. I was truly surprised.

My final birthday gift of the day, and it was beautiful…

Did I have a great birthday? I think I did. For most of the day I actually forgot that it was my birthday.

But there it goes, a new day has come and I am now officially 22. I am still alive and eating. That is something worth being happy for.


7 thoughts on “[eat] Eating around Utrecht, or how I spent my first birthday in Europe

  1. Happy Belated Birthday. Sorry I am slow on that guide to Utrecht, it seems you have found my usual haunts, like oudegracht etc. So maybe it is better to discover it yourself. I would suggest to go to the Dick Bruna Huis at Agnietenstraat 2. And try the Appelbollen (if you like apple) from the Graaf Floris restauraunt in Oudegracht Vismarkt. http://www.graaffloris.nl/

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