[eat/leisure] A day filled with eye-candies & street food in Utrecht, the Netherlands

Another post about Utrecht’s scenery, you say? Yes, unfortunately. I know, I am kinda obsessed with this city, but what am I supposed to do when everywhere I go everything is just picture-perfect? I really do need to share these photos I just took today, just because I am s-w-a-g and I want to =}}
My gastronomic readers, however, can choose to skip the boring scenery stuffs and scroll down for some foodie finds ;v;

It was raining so hard the whole morning, but when the Leeuwarden friend and I decided to go out, greeting us were sunlight & a dramatic sky xD

Expect to see lots of pictures with my face in them. Finally after 2 weeks I have someone who is willing to take pictures for me, so I had to grab this opportunity.

A picture with the Dom tower as bg–one more wish completed =]

That moment when you are baffled by how perfectly arranged each and everything is.

I took like 132738248327483243748 identical pictures of these houses. Everything was speechlessly beautiful: the sky, the light, the clouds, the houses, the flowers… Just flawless.

Feel free to skip these photos because my face is persistently present in each of them =}}}

On such a beautiful day, a girl simply needs to beautify herself. I hopelessly grabbed some sunflowers from a shop by the canal (5 euro for like 20 blossoms *.*) thinking that I could benefit from some glow from their radiant beauty…

Sadly I just looked hopelessly miserable =}}

Even sitting by the canal didn’t help:

But I always look prettier without showing my face:

No perfect day is perfect enough without encountering some kitties =}} I met like 5 brothers & sisters today =}

I took a bunch of silly photos with this really friendly, white, fat dude xD

I might fail in the (doomed to fail) mission to look pretty, but I’m pretty sure that my room looks much, much, much better with these lovelies:

A biggg thanks to my friend who travelled allllll the way from Leeuwarden to see me and accompany me on my b-day ;v;

On Friday, Market Vredenburg was open and my friend & I happened to get lost there. Such a nice surprise. It was wonderful to see fresh & cheap stuffs, from vegetables, to cheese, to sausage, to food, to clothes, to tea and everything one can imagine in a market there.

Mmmmm cheese~~~

I was introduced to a Dutch specialty (but it can be found elsewhere in Germany too, for example), maatjesharing aka soused herring. I am always for raw seafood, and fermented foods? Yes please. Though the friend was too scared to taste the raw, smelly, well, fishy herring, I was happy to pay 1.75 euro for this tasty stuff:

It tasted so strong, briny, and full of flavors. Though the smell of fish will linger on every centimeter of your skin, that is other people’s (who happen to be around you) problem:

We also popped by a famous juice bar (whose name I unfortunately forgot) for some healthy drinks of nature xD I loved the fact that there was no sugar added to our drinks, thus they retained the fruits’ natural flavors and were, of course, very healthy:

Not exactly cheap…

But were yummy xD


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