[leisure] Ode to the Fall: memories of Olympic Park @ Bangi-dong, Seoul

This chilly, rainy autumn of the Netherlands is making me oh-so-nostalgic of the perfect Autumn I once enjoyed back in the land of kimchi & kpop. I still distinctly remember Olympic Park–the first and, still to me, the best park in Korea I have visited–with its glorious beauty last Autumn. Armed with the more than suitable music, Lake of Tears’ Forever Autumn, I opened the photo albums of yesteryear with great fondness for the golden season of Korea.

The lowcarb buddy & I paid a visit to Olympic Park last year in late autumn–when everything was at its prime of beauty. The leaves had turned into red, gold, and bronze. The waters were clear and calm. The sun was pouring caramelized rays of light on pristine green grass. Getting out of Mongchontoseong Station (Subway Line 8) exit 1, we walked past the enormous gate:

and were immediately taken aback by this serene vista:

Nothing could describe the deep blue sky:

The ginkgo trees~

An oasis in the city:

We proceeded ahead to a green hill:

to find a large land filled with reeds:

We followed the small path across the hill…

and descended down to the main road:

So autumn ;v;

Unexpected friends~

Nothing can get more glorious than this:

Or this…

Our path led us to the most famous sight of Olympic Park…

aka. The Lone Tree

After some time spent awing at the coolest tree ever, we realized that the sun was going down and thus hurried to finish out walk through this humongous park:

The more rustic area of the park:

My last shots of the day…

Olympic Park is one gorgeous place in Seoul and I simply don’t see why you shouldn’t pay this place a visit. The park is beautiful all year around, but definitely more so in the Autumn. So mark your calendar, at the end of next month, if time permits, a visit to Olympic Park would make your memories of autumn all the more unforgettable.


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