[eat] The homilbat of Anam: Patbingsu at Del Mar Cafe @ Anam, Seoul

I figure this is going to be my very first and last post dedicated to patbingsu because a) summer is officially over and no one in their right mind would want to eat this dessert just to suffer from the cold b) I still strongly believe there’s no better patbingsu place other than Homilbat to write about and c) Del Mar cafe is an exception.

I have eaten enough patbingsu to last a lifetime and to know why Homilbat is the number one place to visit for a pennyworth bowl of ice. You see topping is not all that important when it comes to patbingsu. You can put all the toppings you want but if your ice is as solid as a hailstone then your bingsu is going to be nothing but a major fail. Having said so, sometimes I still find myself dive my head into any cafe that offers patbingsu in Anam because a) I get impatient when it comes to food and b) I don’t want to get out of Anam I’m lazy that way. For that I am thankful that now I know Del Mar, albeit lately.

The one below is milk pingsu (double – 11000 KRW). It’s big. No. Seriously. I thought the double size was meant for 2 persons but apparently this bowl could feed 3 starving athletes. You could see another layer of red beans underneath and it was too much for 2 persons. Tip: just order a single if you come in two.

Lesson wasn’t learnt. The second time I went, I boldly ordered a mugwort bingsu double size (12000 KRW). Whose stupid idea was it? Mine. We still happily finished everything in the bowl though. I don’t know why they don’t call it Green tea bingsu because it tastes exactly like green tea. Maybe mugwort is cooler?? I love how they have the green tea ddeok to match with the ice.

The one below is milk bingsu single size (6000 KRW)! Looks tiny, but actually just enough.

The ice here is really special. The texture feels somewhat close to coconut shave, only lighter and less sweet. It also smells wonderful and melts softly in your mouth. You just have to see it for yourself because that’s all I can say at this point. 

I’ve been here way too many times to an extent it doesn’t feel right to not have a bowl of milk bingsu if I happen to visit the alley where the cafe is located. The pictures are what I have taken over the time, hence the difference in quality ~.~. The one below is Pumpkin bingsu (single – 7000KRW). The pumpkin was actually good, but it was also too much so it kinda overpowered the pure taste of the ice. We finished the ice but left quite a spoonful or two of pumpkin in the bowl (which is a rare thing because I don’t leave anything in the bowl).  




In Anam, if Labri cafe is famous for tea and waffle then Del Mar is all about patbingsu and hand drip coffee. And really, those two cafes give me hope that Anam is not, if at all, a boring neighborhood. Come visit and experience the rural village that is Anam.

For the location please refer to this post. Del Mar cafe is in the opposite side of the cold noodle house.


3 thoughts on “[eat] The homilbat of Anam: Patbingsu at Del Mar Cafe @ Anam, Seoul

    • sounds awesome! from what you said halo-halo sounds closer to the fruit bingsu which is like the fusion version of said dessert. i’d prefer the traditional one with only shaved ice and sweetened azuki beans!

      • we have a popular variation of halo-halo from a food place called razon’s–it’s just shaved ice, milk, sweetened sweet potato, and leche flan on top, it’s so yum. sometimes less is more indeed!

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