[eat] Appelbollen at Graaf Floris @ Utrecht, the Netherlands

Though the Netherlands may not be the food capital of the world, I am, as a foodie, always excited to try new Dutch food. Though my school’s Dining Hall is a good place to sample (normal? bastardized?) different versions of Dutch specialties, we don’t have enough sweet treats there. Thus, when indonesian in my pocket kindly referred to Graaf Floris as a good place to try the Dutch version of Appel pie: Appelbollen (Appel bulbs), I simply had to brave the insane torrents of rain and vicious gusts of wind to check it out.

Graaf Floris had quite a number of outside seats, and I wish I could have taken one of them, but of course, it was raining. Thus I had to resort to sitting inside the small, dimly lit cafe. I’m a bitch when it comes to lighting (because I have to take pictures ~.~) so I was not very happy :( Perhaps for those who want a cozy, lovely place to chill and talk, Graff Floris’ interior would be right up their alley. It was, sadly, not my style.

I wanted to work there, but then I realized that Graaf Floris was a very popular place for lunch = there were lots of people there = everybody was eating/chatting => it was not at all quiet. To add to my problem, the place had no wifi. I naturally assume that every place I go will have wifi (yes I have lived in Korea for too long) so I was completely taken aback T-T Maybe that’s a good thing for those who want to socialize/talk/go back to real life, because it is distressing when you go out with your friends but then each person ends up checking facebook on their phone. That said, though, Graaf Floris is definitely not a cafe for you to work at.

I ordered a pot of tea (2.3 euro) and my “teapot” came like this…

They used teabags instead of loose leaf tea ~.~ Such a bummer lol. At least they used Simon Levelt‘s tea, not Pickwick’s. The former is 2.7 euro/box while the latter costs like 1 euro. Yeah price doesn’t say anything but still…

The warm appelbollen, however, was redeeming. It was crunchy on the outside with a hint of bitterness from the caramelized coating. The inside was warm, sweet, and smelted of cinnamon. So lovely! The apple filling was plentiful (so my pastry was not a pathetic ball of dough), sweet and tangy.

It was big too:

My slight gripe was that it tasted… monotone. Yes, the first bite was exciting, second was yum, third was this stuff is awesome, but I got bored after that. Maybe because the apple bulb was quite big, or maybe because they din’t serve any sides with it (whipped cream or ice cream would be nice), or maybe both.

When I left, of course, it stopped raining and the cafe looked much better~

Graaf Floris, Vismarkt, 13, Utrecht, Netherlands .


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