[eat] Healthy yummy yoghurt at Yoghurt Barn @ Utrecht, the Netherlands

Who doesn’t love yoghurt? Let me tell you, bad people. We, healthy, angelic, health-conscious girls need yoghurt in our life. And Yoghurt Barn in Utrecht is a perfect place for everyone to enjoy a tasty cup wholesomeness at a reasonable price.

Yoghurt Barn has quite a large variety of toppings with cool names for you to choose from: Energy Explosion, Brownie Bango, Crazy Cookie, Lemony Pie etc. to name a few. You can choose froyo, hung yoghurt, or *something I have forgotten* to pair with toppings.

We asked the staff (who was very friendly and helpful) which one was the best, and she picked hung yoghurt. For those who are curious, hung yoghurt is:
“yogurt that is strained through usually a coffee filter or a fine cheesecloth, so that all the liquid (whey) drains out and you are left with a very thick “yogurt cheese”–Source

I loveee figs, so I picked Energy Explosion (silliest name ever) while Gloria picked herself a Brownie Bango because it had peaches AND brownies. We both went with small size (3.95 euro each) but the ‘small cup’ was enough to satisfy our huge appetite.

The hung yoghurt itself was very dense and ‘cheesy’, but in a good way. It was not sweet at all, and just a tiny bit sour, so I added some sugar to boost. Though I don’t think that I could finish a full cup of this kind of yoghurt on its own, but with fresh fruits, it was a breeze to wipe clean my food.

The Energy Explosion was delish. I loved the figs, but loveeeeeeed the generous amount of peanuts on top. The banana slices, however, I was not a fan of, as they had a weird bitter taste :\

The Brownie Bango, I must say, was better than my Explosion >.< Pieces of brownie were plentiful and yummy, and peaches soft and nicely glazed.

Oh and walnuts. Walnutsssssssssss.

Yoghurt Barn is not just a place with great food, the interior is also very cozy, pretty, spacious and study-friendly (with wifi!) Looks like I will hang out here quite often in the future xD

Yoghurt Barn, Vinkenburgstraat 15, 3512 AA Utrecht, Netherlands.


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