[eat] Delectable fried chicken at Chir Chir (치르치르) @ Hongdae, Seoul

When you go to Hongdae you can literally find a chicken hof every second minute of walking, be it on the main road or small alleys. However, the chance of finding a good one is one in a million. You will find either the restaurant is too noisy, the food is too bad, or the service is not up to your expectation what with the price that you have to pay. From the experiences that I’ve been through, I have promised myself not to randomly barge into any chicken restaurant without second thoughts and proper food researches anymore.

I was in Hongdae the other day, all exhausted and famished, to the point I could eat anything laid in front my eyes. However, being a responsible blogger as I was, I held my ground and decided to spend the leftover energy I didn’t know I had in me searching for a place for chicken because who doesn’t want chicken when hungry? My friend and I were torn between numerous options, all of which sounded equally appealing before we found Chir Chir (치르치르) and the rest became forgotten history.

The first thing that impressed me was as soon as I sat down the staff gave me three different menus, in English, Chinese and Japanese. I had to restrain myself from asking him if they had one in Vietnamese. Well.

It didn’t take us long to agree on having the Chicken combo (24900 KRW) and that was our smartest decision in a while. The chicken combo included traditional fried chicken, cajun chicken, debasaki wings, coconut shrimp, salad, fries and their signature dressing trio. A hell lot for only 24900 KRW.

I will be honest, everything served on the plate was actual perfection. Even until now, after 5 days since I had the chicken, I still remember how good it made me feel and how it still holds the power of making my mouth water just writing about it. We dived in for the shrimp first because the coconut thing made us excited. What we had went straight to our heart and stayed in there because the shrimp was so good. I don’t know how they did that but the batter tasted 100% legit coconut and it was so crunchy, flavorful and out of this world. I could just sit there, order all of the coconut batter and be happy with my decision.

All of the chicken was made in heaven. The traditional fried chicken had a really thin coating. It was cooked perfectly I could tell just by looking at it – all soft and moist.

The light was so poor I could hardly take any decent pictures of the cajun skinless boneless chicken and the debasaki wings. But they were what made the entire plate shoot up to another level of Korean chicken culinary. While the cajun chicken was seasoned boldly, pepper visible and distinctive on my tongue, the debasaki wings were harmoniously seasoned with sweet soy sauce and a very slight hint of garlic and pepper. Not to mention the dressings were what made the chicken boost up to 89 times better. Also, the fact that the salad was generously served finally complemented the dish. I bet the taste would have exploded even more if we’d had a beer to go with.

There are 2 things to complain about though: 1. They didn’t serve water until we asked for it. And if they did, they only gave us 2 cups of water instead of a whole bottle like other places. 2. I wish there had been more ㅠㅠ. More chicken more coconut shrimp ㅠㅠㅠㅠ.

Menu: Since I only took pictures of a few pages, please visit their website if you want to see the full menu. The price ranges between 15900 KRW ~ 24900 KRW. In fact our dish is the most expensive one ~.~.

Int & Ext:

If you want some delicious chicken to fill up your stomach, Chir Chir is everywhere, ready to serve you. They have franchises spread over all Seoul so it shouldn’t be difficult to find one near your place.

Chir Chir Chicken, Hongdae Station, exit 8:


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