[eat] Incredible breakfast at De Bakkerswinkel @ Utrecht, the Netherlands

De Bakkerswinkel is a highly popular bakery/bistro with branches located in several major Dutch cities. I felt in love with it the moment I came across the Utrecht’s branch’s photos on the Internet. My tutor, likewise, only has compliments for it xD As a serious food blogger, I had no choice but to check it out.

We arrived at De Bakkerswinkel on a rainy day, but the tiny bistro (from the outside! It was quite spacious inside, especially the lunch room) totally lit up the gloomy corner:

We could have snatched these seats had it not been for the evil rain x(

Inside was comforting and cozy:

As it was 9am, we had to stay on the first floor. From 10 onwards, you can have lunch at these impressive lunchrooms. Though it may be hard to detect, but you can actually see the canal from the windows here.

The darker, more intimate one:

The brighter counterpart should be perfect for high tea (yes, they serve high tea here! I need some high tea junkies to come with me T-T)

We, however, still happily found a small corner near the main door before diving into the large breakfast menu. Gloria ordered two cups of Cappuccino (you go gal!) for 5.20 euro, accompanied by a plate of “Spek met eieren” (lit. bacon with eggs–served with 3 pieces of raisin bread/6.95 euro). I went with my usual order of Verse munt (mint tea/2.50 euro) and Quiche van de dag (quiche of the day/4.50 euro).

Our drinks came first:

Cappuccino was lovely:

While my mint tea was refreshing xD

The breakfast plate was hugeeeee. The 3 pieces of raisin bread were big and soft. We both loved how the raisins added some touch of subtle sweetness to them. Gloria wanted her eggs over hard, but I would have wanted them sunny side up. No complaint there lol, not my order anyway xDDD

Bacon made everything better of course, esp. with 2 strips xD I also loved the fact that they used rucola and cucumber to cut off the grease:

My quiche was phenomenal. There, I said it. It was not the eggy, cheesy, heavy quiche that I am familiar with. Though I like quiche that way, I can’t stuff myself with more than one piece of it. This quiche at De Bakkerswinkel, however, I could eat for days. The stuffing was a sensational medley of leeks, bacon, and eggs with perfectly balanced seasoning.

So good it hurt :(((

Overall, we both immensely enjoyed our huge and delish breakfast at De Bakkerswinkel and are already looking forward to coming back. For full menu and more information, please check their homepage.

De Bakkerswinkel, Wittevrouwenstraat 2, 3512 CT Utrecht, Netherlands.


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