[travel] My day trip to Amsterdam, the Netherlands

3 weeks of living the Dutch life and I finally managed to go to Amsterdam for only 7 hours :\ Albeit in my limited time there, I got to see a panoramic picture of Amsterdam by taking the whole day hop on/hop off cruise trip. Amsterdam means canals (well, among other things…) so taking a boat ride was the most sensible way to get a first taste of the city. Of course I wanted to see Anne Frank’s house, Rembrandt’s house, the Van Gogh museum, the Rijk museum, the Red Light District and etc etc. but I was totally satisfied with my short time in Amsterdam. In any case, Amsterdam is just a 28 minute train ride from Utrecht xD So you can expect more posts about this gorgeous capital in the near future.

Our train ride from Utrecht to Amsterdam passed by numerous pastoral scenes:

The first thing we saw in Amsterdam was the humongous, beauuutiful Amsterdam Centraal Station:

Across the station is Sint Nicolaaskerk (St. Nicholas Church) looking all awesome and grand:

We took tram no.2 to the famous Museum Square (Museumplein) to catch a glimpse of the funky i amsterdam letters and to feel the aura of culture (after all, 3 major museums are located there: Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum, and Stedelijk Museum, as well as the concert hall Concertgebouw.

We were there early so it looked like this:

At 1pm we came back and it was like this:

And yes, tourists’ favorite athletic activity in Amsterdam is to climb on top of these letters and make their poses of a lifetime.

Now pic spam of Rijksmuseum from outside =}

Inspiring from every angle:

From the outside…

To inside:

Tourists are free to enjoy Henry Moore’s sculpture exhibition (which will last until Sept 24)

Our main activity of the day: chilling on a Canal cruise. For 20 euro, you get a ticket which allows you to hop on and hop off any boat you like and explore Amsterdam via 4 different routes. Each route stops at some of the most famous places of interest in Amsterdam.

Let’s get sailed xD

Thanks for being gorgeous, weather *v*

My face……….

We made Rembrandtplein as our first stop, hoping that we could see Rembrandt’s house for free. Lol, talking about naïveté.

Somehow as we were walking to the Square, we popped in Mozes en Aäronkerk–a neo Catholic church, generally closed to the public but had its doors wideopen on that particular day thanks to the Netherlands’ annual Open Monumentendag when almost all historical relics, old houses, churches, libraries etc. in the country are open to the public for 2 days.

A stroll around Rembrandtplein…

Needless to say, we couldn’t get in the artist’s house without paying the entrance fee =} We thus stopped by the nearby cafe called Rembrandt Corner for lunch. Food was decent, portions were fairly large, prices were reasonable for Amsterdam, but service was horrible.

We then proceeded to take another boat ride…

We could see the sea *v*

and the street where Anne Frank’s house was located. Speaking of which, I haven’t read her diary yet……

Westerkerk–a church just a mere few meters away from the house:

We changed our boat a few times and saw different interesting stuffs:

The green cruise conveniently brought us back to Amsterdam station where we began at 7 hours before xD Bye bye Amsterdam, you were uber pretty, and yes I can’t wait to see you again:


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