[leisure] A day spent in Buamdong aka How I precelebrated Chuseok all by myself

To most of you who are reading this post, today is just another day spent in front of the computer screen (((like me))) (((I guess))) but to those who are in Korea right now and actually celebrate the holiday, Happy Chuseok!

It’s been a while since I spent a day out all by myself. I can list you a thousand reasons why being alone is better than most of the things in the world but I won’t because that is something that you will automatically find out once you enjoy and are comfortable with solitariness. There’s nothing more delightful than walking around all day without having to talk or suffering from unavoidable awkwardness which may or may not occur when we go with another person. And that’s exactly what I did on a beautiful sunny Sunday.

From Itaewon to Buamdong it was a long journey. By the time I arrived at the neighborhood, Dongyangbangakan (동양방아간) – the traditional ddeok shop that has been selling homemade songpyeon for decades was closed and Whanki Museum was not having any exhibition until September 28 as they’d told me. Thus my initial plan, which those two mentioned things covered the most part, was totally screwed up. But I didn’t let that ruin the fun I’d intended to have. I decided that it was probably too late to go up to Sanmotungi café which is the popular filming location in Korean dramas (including the famous drama The Coffee Prince that unfortunately I haven’t watched), so with all regrets and could have beens, I started to instead wander here and there around the neighborhood where I didn’t have to go up to the mountain to spend the evening away.

The map will show you every corner reachable in Buamdong.

People were standing and sitting in queue for their turn to eat at the restaurant in the picture. I could even smell the chicken while walking from the other side of the street… It gave me intense chest pain because reasons :( /makes a mental note to check this place out the next visit/

All the cafes and restaurants–

And cute little things

This dude kept peeking at me when he thought I wasn’t looking

Beautiful view of Bukaksan Mt. The sun was streaming down, making the mountain literally glow in its glory.

We do not ignore those Mercedes…

After mindlessly wandering around, I headed to Seoul Museum to attend the fashion exhibition of L’art de Leonard.

There are perks being an art student or an art lover. You can never run out of art galleries to go to, you don’t have to think about where to go for the weekend because museums are always open during weekend. And even if you’ve been to every gallery in town, there will always be new exhibitions for you to enjoy. Some are even free! Don’t take art too seriously, it’s just a place where tranquility is appreciated.

I liked the light installation used for the show. The exhibition was nice, but nothing particularly outstanding.

I most definitely lingered at the exhibition for too long before I gloomily left the museum, not knowing what to do next but not wanting to go back to the city either. I decided that I should at least try visiting one of the cafes since I was already there. Feeling quite full from eating all the junk food in Itaewon, I gingerly chose the cupcake shop that had already stolen my attention when I first got off from the bus as the final spot to visit before I left for home.

The shop was not bigger than my room but for such a small space there was sure a hell lot of stuff stored and sold that can make you screech in excitement and adoration on the inside. I talked with the shop owner for a bit, finding out that most of the tableware and accessories and of course all lovely cupcakes are made by the owner herself. Such a lovely young talented woman~

I had a berry cupcake (4500 KRW) and a cup of darjeeling tea (3000 KRW – Ahmad teabag fyi).

The cupcake was alright. The cake was dry. When I cut, lots of crumbs fell off the knife. Luckily the cream was there to save the only thing I had for the whole evening. It was sweet, a bit sour and absolutely delicious!

It seems people unconsciously speak lower and more politely when they are in Buamdong. There is no loud calling, screaming, yelling and girls’ whining about their oppa, be it in any coffee shop or on the streets, which is the biggest yes for me because I detest noise and discourtesy. I sat there for a long while, doing nothing except for watching people pass by, listening to the music vaguely played in the background and waiting for the darkness to slowly drape over the street. Ah~~~ I’ve so fallen in love with Buam.

An evening spent in Buamdong is a reminder that great things – and happiness – can come in a simple cup of tea and a quiet private time for yourself. Buamdong is a place to fall in love with <3.


How to get to Buam-dong:

  • Gyeongbokgung station, line 3, exit 3
  • After getting out of the subway, go straight until you reach the second bus stop which is in front of Kyochon Chicken.
  • Take the green bus 1020 or 7212.
  • Get off at Buamdong Community Service Center (부암동주민센터) (yes they do announce it in English). There’re just 6 stops away so if you’re worried (like me), count the stops!

 How to get back to Gyeobokgung station:

  • Cross the street from where you first get off. They have a pedestrian cross should you be able to find it.
  • Turn right and keep walking until you reach the corner. You should be able to see the bus signal.
  • Take the green bus 1020. ONLY 1020.
  • Get off at Gyeongbokgung Station (경복궁역). Turn left and follow the crowd should you reach exit 2 of the station.

If you walk around the neighborhood you should be able to see all places on the pix!


8 thoughts on “[leisure] A day spent in Buamdong aka How I precelebrated Chuseok all by myself

    • Oh my I cackled so hard! I tried my best to ignore the dolls but they were everywhere, ended up staring back at them for the rest of the evening. But you had a good time yes?

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