[eat] Pastries for life: reviews of Tastoe & Bond en Smolders @ Utrecht, the Netherlands

Just realized that I haven’t posted for a longggg while T-T So today is a combined post of two cafes in Utrecht for your delight. Both have awesummm pastries and both made my tummy very happy >v< This afternoon I went to Tastoe–a small cafe (like most cafes here) famous for its delish cheesecake. Any cafe with good cheesecake is a cafe worth going to, I tell you. Last week I randomly popped into Bond en Smolders because I couldn’t resist the sweets on display T-T Little did I know that it is also one of the most popular bakery cafes in Utrecht xD

As I was searching for a cafe with good cheesecake in Utrecht (we need good cheesecakes in our life, that’s a fact), I came across a review of Tastoe. The menu looked good with decent prices, so why not check it out? All enthusiastic, I ventured to the city center for a piece of happiness.

Tastoe’s cheesecake was amazing. It tasted different from my bf’s cheesecake, and was certainly different from its counterparts I had tasted elsewhere (at Simplylife, for example). Other cheesecakes I had tried was a medley of sweet and savory, very, very dense, and sinfully rich. Tastoe’s, one the other hand, was sort of fluffy-dense, with a texture resembling goat cheese to some extent…

It was sweet and tangy (instead of savory), with the heavy use (in a good way) of sour cream in both the filling and the topping.

What I liked most about Tastoe’s cheesecake was that I didn’t feel guilty eating it… Instead of that, as I said, sinfully rich texture and taste one often find in cheesecake, it was a totally different feel here. The cake was not at all too sweet and the acidity nicely balanced with the mild sweetness in each light, fluffy bite.

The crust was sheer perfection, because it was just the way I like: neither too thick nor thin, and was slightly burnt to add a tad of that caramelized bitterness to the sweet treat:

A cup of hot fresh mint tea to pair with it was the ideal choice:


Tastoe Eten En Drinken, Zadelstraat, Utrecht, The Netherlands


It was a rainy gloomy Saturday afternoon when we passed by Bond en Smolders, but apparently the pathetic weather didn’t stop people from kicking back with a nice cup of tea and some pastries. All but one table at BeS was taken and we were lucky to be the last people to grab a seat.

We took a good few minutes to admire these pretty things~

Dazzled by all the glamorous options, I decided to pick the prettiest stuff there: Citroen Croute (3 euro something…) while my friend chose the most popular item – Apple pie (2 euro!!!).

Now THIS is what an apple pie should look like and taste like. Yes you can see those cheeky pieces of apple, lots of them. The crust was firm but not rock hard. I would happily pay 5 euro for this solid, delicious piece of culinary art.

I usually like my apple pie served warm with whipped cream on the side, but this cold beauty was good enough to stand on her own:

My Citroen Croute, to be honest, was less spectacular. I don’t like the taste of lemon (I’m more of a lime girl) so it was okay to me. Without the crust, my pastry tasted like lemon meringue cake, a very good one. With the crust, it was a lemon meringue cake constructed on a cement bedrock :\

The crust was ridiculously hard. Perhaps hard like Stalin’s heart… A shame.

All in all, Bond en Smolders is a bakery cafe worth discovering and it is insanely popular for a reason. I mean, a wonderful piece of apple pie for only 2 euro is such a steal, nobody should resist that.
Bond & Smolder, Lijnmarkt 9, 3511 KE Utrecht, Netherlands.


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