[travel] My last day in Maastricht

This is the last post of my Maastricht-Brussels series. After our quick trip to Brussels, we took it easy in Maastricht by just visiting the two famous landmark of Basilica of Saint Servatius–a beautiful Roman Catholic Church, and Selexyz Dominicanen–a former Dominican church dating back to the 13th century, which now serves as a the world’s coolest bookstore.

The Basilica of Saint Servatius is next to the Gothic Church of Saint John; both solemnly situated at the heart of Maastricht. The juxtaposition of two different architectural style was interesting:

Entrance was free and everyone is welcome to visit this majestic place:

Though we just visited two amazing cathedrals the prior day, the Basilica of Saint Servatius didn’t lag behind in terms of beauty, maybe just the size:

This was really gorgeous ;__;

The ‘Emperor’s Hall’ was my favorite place:

Intricate ;v;

We wandered around for a bit:

Lol as if I owned the house =}}}}}}}}}

Such pretty streets:

And headed to our main destination of the day: the famed Selexyz Dominicanen ;A;

Now THAT was a book store with style. In case you didn’t know, the Netherlands is the most secular country in Europe, the number of religious practitioners is dwindling. Hence churches have been becoming less and less frequently visited. But you know what happens to an abandoned building, it simply dilapidates. Thus churches in the Netherlands have been put to various non-religious purposes. Becoming a bookstore is one option:

See how cool the ceiling was ;___;

The bookstore also hosted a small cafe:

That is how we should chill:

and how we should shop:

Selexys, however, has a less than spectacular collection of books. Most of them are in Dutch, of course, but I don’t see much variety. English books are very limited. I appreciated the small collection of used books on the third floor, but then most of them were stuff like Twilight or young adult novels…

Leaving Selexys in total awe, we girls checked out some clothing and make-up stores before I headed back to Maastricht station and caught the train to Utrecht. Maastricht was truly a pretty city, and looks like I will head back there for the Christmas market ;)


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