[cafe] Breakfast and waffle at Du sel brillant Flower café @ Apjujeong, Seoul

First of all I am terribly sorry about the lack of consistency and productivity. School work has been a pain in the butt and I’m also on a strict diet thus the disappearance. For the time being I will not be able to visit any restaurant for I really need to get fit before winter comes. But you know my cafe quest is unstoppable. Too many cafes yet too little time to discover.

Both of us bloggers (and also a friend of us who was Lacrymamosa’s lowcarb buddy) have an obsessive compulsive love for flowers. That’s why when I first saw Du sel brillant I was immediately enthralled just at the very first glance at the cafe’s porch as there were many little flower pots hung on the balcony. Until now I still believe Vert et blanc deserves the title of the best cafe in Seoul for its bright atmosphere, the delicate furniture arrangement and the flowers. Du sel brillant, however, comes in second for many reasons.

Alright so I gotta be honest at this part. Yes it was the flowers that got my attention. But what really gave me the motivation to try this cafe out was the morning set they offered. There’re a bunch of gorgeous cafes in Apgujeong that were born for you to admire from afar. However there’s no such thing as “cheap cafe” when it comes to this expensive neighborhood. You will go home crying either about the price that you shouldn’t have paid or the price that you really shouldn’t have paid no matter how much you’d actually enjoyed the place. Or maybe it’s just me who’s constantly on a tight budget…

We arrived at the cafe at 11.am when it was empty save the server and a couple of customers at the basement. Without a second of hesitation I ordered the Morning set (5000 KRW) while my friend decided to try the Blueberry waffle (8000 KRW).

At first we settled at the basement for its beautifully decorated space. After sitting for not more than two minutes I realized the air was too stifling and hot and dull because there was no window, and we wanted the daylights, so we crawled back to the ground floor and were finally satisfied choosing a table next to a window.

My set was served first and oh dear god did I really consider this my personal victory to have decided to go here.

(sobs so hard at how cute this little thing is)

The set consisted of bagel, cream cheese, soup & Americano. The bagel and the cream cheese were basically, I believe, bought from Dunkin Donuts so yea it was that good lol. I am totally aware that bagels are not any different from a regular bread except it is bread in a circle and it can be sliced into halves so we can put cream in between but it just makes my heart feel so much better :(. I love bagels so :(. I kinda lost myself here…

At the first few careful tiny sips the soup was a bit salty for me. As I proceeded to slurp more, its wonderful buttery and thick cream totally overpowered the saltiness and won me over. The soup immediately warmed up my body and boosted my mood. Having said that, I quickly got bored with the soup as it started to get a bit too creamy. Still, I managed to finish it before it turned cold. The morning set was actually quite a fulfilling and delicious meal for me considering my usual breakfast is only black coffee or occasionally an underdone toast. Sad life of a student.

The Blueberry waffle though was so yummy. The waffle was tiny as it was not any bigger than the size of an ice cream scoop! While the size couldn’t satisfy, the flavor was there to make up for the disappointment. It was warm, soft, airy and a tad bit over-burned in the middle just the way waffle should be. The cream was also tremendously light and wonderfully and just slightly mellow to accompany the lovely cooked dough. Here’s the steps to heaven: Cut a small piece of waffle, pour the honey on, put on the cream with a frozen blueberry on top and finally finish up with vanilla ice cream, the moment said mixture is in your mouth, light from heaven will touch your soul.

And then I started to spiral out of control from here…

I couldn’t stop taking pictures the plate looked sooo lovely.

View at the basement:

Cute little macarons waiting to be put in the oven..

Random things here and there:


Du sel brillant is important. It’s not just a flower cafe but it also sells flowers and opens classes teaching floral design. It takes flowers seriously and that’s why it is important. All flowers are stored in floral refrigerators to make sure they stay fresh and beautiful and keep the fragrance last longer. The arrangement technique is utterly sophisticated, each of the boxes or bouquets polished to perfection with the balanced composition of flowers, leaves and ribbons. And of course, the flowers themselves are gorgeous.

The moment you see the price is the moment you don’t want to consider buying anything from this shop lol. I mean, how is it possible a flower box can cost you up to 500 bucks??? I can instead buy more than 250 waffles at Waffle Bant, or enough Americano to last me a year of jitters. After all those calculations do you see how penurious I am? Well with that being said, it seemed to me they ran a really good business based on how quick the flowers were sold right at the spot or prepared to get delivered.

I am not kidding am I?

Beautiful exterior:

Wouldn’t it be nice to just sit here looking at the world around over a cup of coffee?

What got me from the start

“Be like the flower who even gives its fragrance to the hand that crushes it”

Du sel brillant, Apgujongrodeo station, Bundang line, exit 5. Walk straight for about 5 minutes.


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