[eat] Uitsmijter at Cafe Le Journal @ Utrecht, The Netherlands

Don’t let the ‘exotic’ name deceive you =} Uitsmijter is anything but oh-uh-amazing, or exotic, for that matter. It is one of the most basic Dutch breakfast/lunch fares, and no you don’t need to be a Dutchie to create this dish. I tried my Uitsmijter plate at the popular Cafe Le Journal on the busy street of Neude in Utrecht and I must admit that I was not overwhelmed to any degree =}

Uitsmijter is so simple that anyone can re-create this dish just by looking at it. Basically, you need two pieces of bread, use brown bread to feel healthier if you want, 2-3 eggs, butter, and salt (cheese/ham/bacon is optional).

Don’t forget to throw in some veggies for a side salad.

What I had at Le Journal was Uitsmijter Naturel aka. Uitsmijter in its most primordial state. For 7.25 euro, it did feel a bit costly, especially when compared to a similar plate we ordered at De Bakkerswinkel. The latter was less than 7 euro, with 3 slices of raisin bread, and topped with BACON T-T

Given the prime location of Le Journal, however, the price was reasonable enough. Le Journal is an ideal spot for people watching, kicking back and enjoying a nice cup of coffee or munching on some typical Dutch food in the centre of Utrecht. Plus, my food was not without its strong points. The bread was soft, the salad was on the small side but tasted fresh, and the sunny side up eggs were cooked with a flawless technique:

Simple beauty:

Cafe Le Journal, Neude 32, 3512 AG Utrecht, Netherlands.


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