[eat] Lunch at De Burgemeester @ Utrecht, the Netherlands

Last weekend I was walking to Utrecht centre with a need for some hamburger in mind. Of course whenever I wanted to do something, that ‘something’ turns out to be unavailable: the burger place was closed. Desperate and hungry, I walked around for a bit looking for a decent place to fill up my angry tummy. De Burgemeester, a modest lunchroom–small in size, but cramped with customers–caught my eyes immediately.

The reason why I don’t really eat out much now that I am in Utrecht is that Dutch food/popular food in the Netherlands is not good or is usually sorta bastardized: it’s too salty, too potato-y, too often deep fried, and there is not much diversity. It is quite distressing to see that all these cute/fancy cafes/restos on the street of Utrecht would invariably offer the same fare, just at a different price. Likewise, at De Burgemeester, I was definitely not spoilt for choice as the menu consisted of the most basic stuffs I could find anywhere (even my school’s Dining Hall has every single item on offer here). I decided to stick with the safe choice of a Mozzarella Panini (4 euro) and a Mint tea (2.2 euro).

The food took a while to come but the moment I saw them I knew I was in for a delish treat:

My amazing panini–super crispy and deadly, deadly tasty. Everything on the plate was fresh and perfectly seasoned. They definitely were not skimpy on mozzarella, but didn’t smother the panini with it. With each bite you get a perfect ratio of crunchy, almost airy, bread to perfectly melted cheese.

Yum yum yummmmmm

Simple salad, but with rucola everything was better:

My Mint tea was actually cheaper than the same stuff I tried elsewhere before so I was quite happy =}

De Burgemeester, Raadhuisstraat 17, 3461 CW Linschoten, Netherlands


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