[eat] Pizza at Trevia pizza di Roma @ Noksapyeong, Seoul

Believe it or not I have an emotional connection with pizza. I could consume a whole large pizza without finding myself feeling guilty at the slightest about how it is going to entirely destroy my diet whatsoever. Pizza is love pizza is what makes the world go round let me tell you.

If you’re a Noksapyeong/Itaewon frequenter, you probably already know that Trevia pizza di Roma is one of the most popular pizza restos in the area and god do they live up to the reputation.

We arrived at the resto with an eager mind and an equally eager stomach. The place was totally packed just expected, so we fidgeted around for awhile before we decided to go inside and have a look. Luckily there was one small table left for two which we had to agree sitting unless we wanted to wait any longer. Except for the menu given by the server, everything else was self-service, which I like because self-service means I can go around and choose only what I want on my table.

The menu is full of exciting and diverse toppings and pizza is served in one size only. Everything sounded so delectably appealing which made it seem like forever until we finally agreed on ordering a Filone mozzarella mushroom pizza (6300 KRW), a Margherita (5500 KRW), a Pepperoni (5500 KRW) and in order to diversify our dinner – a Shrimp panini (7000 KRW). As this is the first time I’ve been to Trevia, I had no idea how the pizza would come out in size, figuring a piece would come in two bites at most considering the price was super affordable.

Nope. The pizzas are huge.

The pizzas were equally good in my opinion, lovely seasoned and not overly greasy. Besides the fun toppings that they offer, I think what differs Trevia pizza from other pizza houses that I’d tried before is the home-made dough they make. It’s soft and thick just the way I like.

The pizzas that they serve are the small cuts from the big ones cooked in the oven, so it comes out as luck whether or not you will be offered the ones with crust. So if you’re a fan of pizza crust you might be a bit disappointed.

The shrimp panini was fairly delicious. Judging from the look the shrimps were probably just frozen shrimps but somehow they managed to thaw them out beautifully as they were absolutely soft and had a nicely bland shrimp-y taste. The grilled potato cubes were there to accompany as a side dish which made the panini an A+ to me. We ate the panini first while the cheese was still warm and the bread was still crunchy so the whole panini experience was definitely a bliss.

We were already stuffed by the time we had three-fourths of what we’d ordered which led me to a great surprise we could finish everything without feeling nauseous from all the grease we’d inserted into our stomach. Overall, we had a happy fill!


Trevia has now become the place I go to whenever I’m in the ‘I need pizza in my life’ mood. One big recommend from me!

Trevia, Noksapyeong Station, exit 2:


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