[travel] Weekend trip to Ameland Island, the Netherlands

Ameland–one of the West Frisian Islands off the north coast of the Netherlands–was my next Dutch destination in my “Travel to a new place every 2 weeks” mission. I joined an Ameland tour organized by ESN Leuwaarden after hearing about it via my friend. It was a relatively costly trip to me (roundtrip train ticket from Utrecht to Leuwaarden was 45euro; the tour package was 65euro), the weather was fairly bad, but I was glad to set  foot on an island (I have an obsession for islands…), to see the sea again, and the joy of being in a new place is always worth all the trouble and effort.

I arrived in Ameland via Wagenborg–a huge ship that departs from Holwerd. It took us ~50mins on bus from Leuwaarden bus station to Holwerd (bus leaves every  hour/4.5euro with OV-Chipcard) and the cruise was about 1 hour (I don’t know about the price, but I assume that it is around 15euro), so it’s fair to say that I was devastatingly exhausted from all the traveling over the day (well it took me 40 minutes to walk from campus to Utrecht station, then 2hour on train from Utrecht to Leuwaarden………… -.-). Upon arriving in Ameland, we then proceeded to take our own bike (ESN arranged bike rental in advance, but you can easily rent your own bike once you get off the boat).

The weather was bad, the wind was uber vicious, but I still biked around Nes (the village where we stayed) for a bit. Every single house there was astonishingly pretty I was super jealous T__T

The hostel we stayed at was located next to a recreational field…

The next day it was raining hard but all the torrents magically stopped at 1pm >v< All of us headed out to explore the island. Ameland is famous for its long-stretches of  white sand dunes, majestic North sea, and poetic fields =}}}}}}}

We biked across pastoral green land…

And arrived at the beautiful beach:

I could smell the saltiness from far away:


Sand so fine and white ;A;

Stormy weather didn’t make the waters any less pretty:

Stunning (no I am not talking about me)…

We stayed at the beach for ~20mins only :(( I could stay there for days, but then we had a huge island to discover :P

Along the beach is a wonderful, clean, smooth, biker-, walker-, dog-friendly =}

My really cool (rented) bike:

Just ride…

Of course I had to stop numerous times on the way to pose =)))

Nature was heartbreakingly beautiful:

My ideal life…

Took  a long ride to to the isolated lighthouse:

My friend kindly bought me a ticket (4.5euro) to climb to the top of the lighthouse and here are the views:

As the sun set, we hurriedly left to head back to the hostel:

Only to stop elsewhere to take more pictures =))

The next day some of us decided to bike to the beach early to catch the sun rise. From the look of the sky (jetblack) at 7am, I knew that the sun wouldn’t rise. But I still tagged along =} The beach at 8am was as gloomy as expected :))))

But along the beach there were still numerous places to take cool photos:

It was fatally cold but nothing, nothing could stop me lulz

Slowly and lazily the sun appeared…

Just 5 min from the beach was a forest >v<

Top of the hill~

I’m on a roll…

We walked down then up then across then god knows how the hill~

At 1pm we were all kicked out of the hostel. The boat would leave back to mainland at 2:30, which left us a plenty of time to wander around the vicinity of the port:

Blah blah blah :D

Last shots…

….and goodbye Ameland ;O;


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