[travel] Eastern Europe tour: Berlin day 3

Hi guys, I am so behind in updating my travel report >.< To add to this, I also just found out that I conveniently and miraculously deleted all the best photos of Berlin (that of Berlin Dom and Berlin Concert Hall). Lol smart Thai is smart.
Anyway my 3rd and last day in Berlin was chill and uneventful. We just went to Tempelhof Airport, spent sometime at the historical, large, boring(?) field before heading to KaDeWe–the second-largest department store in Europe proudly located at Tauentzienstraße.

Tempelhof Airport, at first sight, was just a large green field, but its history is much more interesting than that. Constructed in 1927, the Nazi government began a massive reconstruction in the mid-1930s. It played an important role in WWII for the Nazi government before becoming “the main terminal for American military transport aircraft accessing West Berlin” during the Cold War. The airport was closed in 2008 and is undergoing a reformation to become a living/recreational area.

There was also a small garden at the field:

You can see the name of the airport xD

Beautiful Berlin autumn:

Now to the KaDeWe!

KaDeWe–or Kaufhaus des Westens (Department store of the West)–was first opened in 1907. After being demolished in WWII, the building was reconstructed and soon became the “symbol of the regained economic power of West Germany during the Wirtschaftswunder economic boom, as well as emblematic of the material prosperity of West Berlin versus that of the East.” It is now a massive store, with luxury stuff inside. I was particularly impressed with the interior goods section (located on the 5th floor I think) ;A;

The surroundings around KaDeWe, in my opinion, was much more interesting:

Cool building :OOO

Even cooler buildings ;A;

What the fuck is this witchcraft!!!!

Berlin is such a city of art…

Finally I had the chance to try Berlin’s favorite Currywurst. The sausage itself was not great and I hated the ketchup, but the fries were so so so sooooo gooooooooddddd.

one more pretzel for me :D

anddddddddddd a Vietnamese baguette–super super super delish and 100% authentic!


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