[eat] Goulash with dumpling & Whole roasted pig knuckle in Prague

I took a lot of photos of Prague–the capital of the Czech Republic–during my one full day there. But while the scenery and architecture were mindblowing, the food was no less spectacular. In fact, this quick post is solely dedicated to what I ate and drank in Prague.

I had lunch at Jo’s, a cozy resto/cocktail bar at Prague’s famous Malostranské Square. There were a myriad restaurants there, but Jo’s caught my eyes with their value lunch set: 155 Czech koruna (1 euro = 25.7 czk) for soup + Goulash with dumpling.

The soup:

The goulash was quite good but a bit too salty for me (maybe just for me, because this level of saltiness seems to be the norm here). It had a nice kick from the paprika, and the meat was quite tender. The dumpling was definitely not the Asian dumplings that I am used to, but rather was sort of bread-dumpling used mainly to soak up gravy.

A self-proclaimed Kafka fan like myself, couldn’t possibly skip the chance to visit Cafe Imperial–one of the most renowned “Grand Cafe House” in the Czech Republic which was frequented by Franz Kafka >v<

The interior was beautiful and fancy:

Happy fangirl…

Our drinks…

My Angelo nero (75 CZK), with espresso, amaretto syrup, dark rum, and whipped cream was really good ;A;

Dinner was the bomb. At U Tri Ruzi, one of Prague’s few surviving micro-breweries, which proudly served their home-made beers along with hearty Czech meals, I had the dinner of a lifetime…

Okay the beer first… I didn’t drink any of these though:

Yes ladies and gentlemen, this is a WHOLE Roasted pig knuckle with mustard and pickled salad (280 CZK)!!!

The knuckle was MASSIVE and cooked with impeccable technique. The skin was brown and crispy, but the inside was pink and succulent.

I thought that the knuckle would be full of bones but nope… There was so much meat I felt like I was dying towards the end of the meal. Hard as it was, I had to leave some food on the plate because I couldn’t possibly stuff any more protein in my poor little tummy. It was overwhelmingly meaty, but it was intensely satisfying. A wonderful meal indeed.


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