[leisure] Autumn evening in Haneul Park, Seoul

Autumn feels like a lazy Sunday where time flows in a really strange way. You wake up one moment and the next moment Sunday is gone. So is autumn. There are so many things I love about this lovely season. As a photographer (wannabe), autumn gives me the most amazing backdrops of lights and nature. As a fashion enthusiast, autumn is the only time of the year I’m allowed to wear the kinds of clothes that would definitely freeze myself to dead if it were winter or make me a crazy woman if it were summer. And as an art lover, every breath taken in autumn is enough for a moment of inspiration to me. There’s a common saying about autumn that it is the perfect example of the heart-breaking truth things are most beautiful when they are dying. Ok I’ll stop rambling.

To celebrate the season accidentally amid midterm exam time, we decided to spend a day venturing out of the city to the World cup stadium where Haneul Park is located. In order to keep the surprise element, I didn’t look up on the Internet for the pictures of the park at all. It took us a great amount of time before we found the park but God was it worth the walking.

Haneul Park (Sky Park), located within the World Cup Stadium Park, is a grassland park that was formed where the second site of the Nanjido Landfill once stood. As it was once a landfill and the soil especially poor, the Haneul Park wasteland recovery project demonstrates how nature can flourish out of what was once barren land. – VisitKorea

Living up to its name, Haneul Park is located on top of a hill which we have to climb hundreds of stairs in order to reach the place. With such an interesting history of land recovery, I’d thought the park would look like other parks with trees and fallen leaves and platforms on which we could stand and observe the surroundings.  However, the sight that welcomed me was totally different and left me in sheer awe.

View from above:

Vast fields of reeds were lined up next to each other, stretching out to the horizon, blinding my eyes with their endless tender waves of reed wavering in the soft breeze of autumn. Flocks of people mingled around, trying to capture the beautiful view of the park in the very last minutes before the sun set. At that moment, after quite a long time, I found myself speechless and absolutely overwhelmed. I soon woke up from the reverie and started to walk around, taking pictures and trying to reason myself that different angle would make different looks on reeds. Well there was no difference, still the pictures came out fantastic.

*Warning: desperate attempt at trying to be artsy fartsy*

On the way to the park

What greeted me first when I reached the park:

I got so excited that it all spiraled out of control from here…


Haneul Park is simply gorgeous. Drop by and enjoy Seoul at its best.

Haneul Park, World Cup Stadium station, line 6, exit 1. Follow the direction on the big map at the exit and keep going until you find a wooden bridge. The hill where Haneul Park is located is on the other side of the bridge.


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