[travel] Eastern Europe tour: Buda, Budapest, day 2

Forgive me for not updating my travel report as often as I should be. There simply so many photos to sort out and I am just ultra lazy >.< Plus, I have been hooked on the incredible Downton Abbey, which obviously doesn't help ~.~

After one day spent at Pest, we spent most of the second day at Buda, visiting Janoshegy–the highest point in Budapest, riding the Children’s railway, hopping on a cable car, and immersing ourselves in the luminous Budapest by night from Castle hill. While it was incredibly beautiful in daylight, the city at nigh simply made me speechless.

I woke up early before our tour started to take a look at the outside of the Museum of Applied Arts with its eye-catching green roofs & Islamic design:

Peaceful morning streets…

We wanted to catch the Danube boat tour (which we had missed the day before >.<).. our hostel was in fact within walking distance from the river itself… On our way, I saw quite a few really cool buildings…

I can never get tired of this sight ;A;

Life is a bitch. We were too early… had we been adamant in catching the boat, we’d have had to wait one at least one more hour. Time is money, thus our guide decided to switch to plan B, that is, to visit the Children’s Railway first.

The Children’s Railway is an interesting concept/phenomenon which originated in the USSR (but of course…). It is an extracurricular educational institution, where teenagers learn about railway professions. The world’s first children’s railway started in 1932 in Moscow, and despite the dissolution of the USSR, 52 children’s railways exist in the country. Gyermekvasút is the name of Hungary’s children’s railway, which started in 1948:

As you could guess, the tickets were sold by a little young man, and this is our ticket conductor xDD

The view from the train was to die for:

and it was such a fun ride xDDDD

From where the train stopped, we had to walk up the hill for a bit to reach Janoshegy… The hike was easy and rewarding with gorgeous autumnal colors surrounding us…

Cool tree ;A;

Finally we reached the top of Janoshegy, or Janos hill, the highest point of all Budapest.

Situated here is Erzsébet Lookout, a relatively high tower where you can climb up and have a panoramic view of the whole city:

The view was indeed stunning ;A;

Having had a good view of the city, we decided to descend the hill using the chair lift line xD

The ride was incredibly relaxing. It had to be my most enjoyable activity of the day:

Leaving the chair lift, we took a long, long bus ride to get back to Budapest market hall, where we were at earlier:

my roommate and I had to revitalize ourselves with a quick, sweet treat:

because following this would be the boat ride on the great Danube. THIS boat ride was the main reason why I wanted to join this tour by UCDean, so needless to say I was beyond excited. And of course the grand Danube with its numerous sights to behold on both banks didn’t disappoint:

The Liberty Bridge:

Can you see those statues on the hill?

This beauty is the Liberty statue:

The breathtaking Chain bridge:

And this, this is Hungary’s Parliament Building that I mentioned in my previous post. Finally I could see it from the facade. And this.gem.of.architecture.was.drop.dead.gorgeous. I still remember being wowed, awed, shocked just by looking at its photo in a book (50 wonders of the world, I believe) when I was a child, and it felt incredible to finally get to see it in person.


This was the moment when I completely fell in love with the city:

Things could only get better from here. After a delish dinner in Pest, which I will blog about later, we decided to walk all~~~ the way to Castle Hill to see Budapest by night. We had to cross Chain Bridge to reach the foot of the hill:

My sad phone obviously cannot do the city justice… but this is just to give you some idea of how bright and magnificent it was:

The Buda Castle was a dream:

Even a deep tunnel was brighter than my shallow soul:

The hike was not long, but felt rather tiring for me :P But the view simply made up for any calories I had just sadly burnt:

The Gothic style Matthias Church proudly located at the heart of the Castle hill:

In front of the church is the bronze statue of Stephen I of Hungary:

From the nearby Fisherman’s Bastion we could take in all the grandeur of Budapest at night ;A;


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