[travel] Eastern Europe tour: Krakow, Poland

Located by the Vistula River with a rich history dated back to the 7th century, Krakow was our next destination after Budapest. Although I only spent half a day here, this former capital and current second largest city in Poland managed to capture my heart entirely with its quaint streets and demure atmosphere.

The Main Market Square and its surrounding space are the heart of Krakow. As we were staying in a hostel nearby, our city walk mostly covered this area.

Our walk started at the 700-year-old Market Square. This, the largest medieval square in Europe, is surrounded by townhouses, palaces and churches…

And, as you can see, pigeons… xD

Pigeons everywhereeee :DDDD

In the center of the square is the massive Cloth Hall:

Overlooking the square is the soaring St. Mary’s Basilica:

Perfect autumn bouquets:

When you visit Krakow, a visit to Rynek Underground–a high-tech, underground museum located right at the square–is a must should you wish for a deeper understanding of the city’s history, with some remnants even dating back to the 11th century.

As we continued, we passed by the Baroque Church of St Peter and Paul:

On our way to Wawel Royal Castle–the most historically and culturally important site in Poland.

Outside the castle:

Personally, I was not wowed by the size or beauty of the complex itself. With all due respect, I found it kinda boring architecture wise:

(Okay maybe these are cool)

…but the view it provided of the whole city was fascinating.

especially during the sunset ;A;

As darkness started to shroud the city, Krakow slowly assumed a mysterious feel:

Krakow was beautiful, but it was our walk through the park from our hostel to the train station that made me fall in love with this city…

The misty morning only rendered Krakow’s classic beauty more melancholic…

…and melancholy happens to be my favorite word.


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