[travel] Nami Island – more than just a filming location

Nami Island is one of the most popular tourist attractions out of Seoul, widely known as the famous filming location for Winter Sonata – a drama that once took over the entire Asia when it was aired in 2002. My first visit to Nami was back in March when the last bits of winter still lingered thus everything was barely alive, which is why this time around the beauty of Nami in autumn totally blows my mind away.

Being anti-social as I am, I chose to stay away from the crowded areas where lots of things were built for tourists, set my feet on the less traveled path and enjoy the quiet side of the island. I guess you’ve already seen enough autumn pictures on this blog but it’s just so hard to resist the succulent luxuriousness of this season. While autumn in Europe is misty, melancholic and gives off a feeling of solitude, autumn in Korea brings you crisp air, radiant flashes of colors and is so alive.

Flocks and flocks of tourists would have been so much more terrifying if it hadn’t been the lined up trees and the idyllic lake that saved me. I remember sitting beside the lake for a good long hour, looking at the never-ending sparkling tender waves, enjoying every ray of sunshine, breathing in the air seemingly too luxurious for Seoul and lying on the silky carpet made by fresh fallen leaves. Life became so much easier just lying there and letting myself blend into the nature.

I really can’t express how lovely this scene was in real life…

Trees here and trees there

Would be lovely to sit here and watch the sun go down

Despite the wild-looking natural scenery, Nami Island still has full facilities to serve tourists while they’re there, including restaurants, convenient stores, clean restrooms and diverse transportation. Korean traditional houses and hotels are also available for those who wish to stay overnight to explore Nami to the fullest, price ranging from 100,000 ~ 250,000won for the houses. Also, while you’re there, you may want to try Chicken Galbi (닭갈비) or makguksu (막국수) – the signature dishes of Chuncheon.

Some bonus pictures from my previous trip to Nami. Everything was pretty much dead lol.

If you don’t want to miss out on seeing Nami during the best season of the year, you’d better hurry up because all the leaves are going to be swept away after a few November showers. And because I don’t want to clog up your surfing experience and make the post too long, you can visit my flickr for more pictures!

How to get there:

  • Get off at Gapyeong Station, Gyeongchun line.
  • From there you can either take bus or taxi to the ferry pier. But I recommend the taxi because it’s faster, more convenient (only 3000~3500KRW).
  • Buy the ticket at the spot and wait for the ferry to arrive.
  • Zip wire (~40,000KRW) is also available for those who want to travel across the sea in the air. (I’d love to try it if it weren’t so bloody expensive…)

And voila!


5 thoughts on “[travel] Nami Island – more than just a filming location

    • More often than not I find it hard to blend it the crowd so it’s basically in my instinct to constantly search for a less busy space. I guess such habit sometimes works to my advantage. Thank you for your comment :).

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  2. hi sorry to bother you.
    i just want to ask something. when was this actually? early nov?
    cz im planning to go in mid october, can i still see this awesome red leaves?
    thank a lot^^

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