[travel] Delft, the dreamy town

After 3 weeks of recovery from my extensive Europe trip, this weekend I decided that either I started to resume my “going-to-a-new-place-every-2-weeks” plan or I would rot and become a lazy pathetic being who has started her hibernation way too prematurely. While it is universal knowledge that I am pathetic, I refuse to be classified as ‘lazy’… Taking advice from a classmate, finally yesterday, on a foggy, misty, oh-so-typical Dutch Saturday morning, I dragged myself out of the room and hopped on the train to Delft.

Delft is a picturesque town located in the south of the Netherlands. Sandwiched between the two big cities of Rotterdam and The Hague, Delft still manages to make its name thanks to the city’s exceptionally gorgeous scenery, its world-famous Delftware, and, in case you didn’t know, one of the most famous Dutch painters–Vermeer–is the proud son of this city.

A representation of Vermeer’s The Milkmaid :D

Do you still not quite recognize who Vermeer is? C’mon people, this should definitely refresh your brain:

And Delftware stuff was of course everywhere:

But I was not in Delft for Vermeer, or for some intricate blue and white pottery, I am not that sophisticated or artistic. I was there to just pursue a bourgeoisie pleasure, to be a flâneur =} namely to wander around and enjoy the feeling of being in a different city…

Upon leaving the Delft station, I was quickly awed by beautiful everything was. I am all too familiar with canals, but nowhere in the Netherlands, be it Amsterdam or Utrecht or Leeuwarden, had I seen such peaceful, calm, and calming waterways:

Golden leaves reflected in the clear waters, while behind was an elegant church veiled under the misty air… what could possibly be more poetic than this?

Walking along the canal to the Oude Kerk (Old Church), I caught sights of numerous lovely houses…

Their reflections were even prettier:

The massive Gothic Protestant Oude Kerk with its famous leaning tower xD

A 3-minute walk from Oude Kerk led me to Delft’s Markt (Marketsquare):

Afar, and again hidden in the mist, is the Protestant Nieuwe Kerk (New Church):

The Market Square was surprisingly large. Delft itself is quite small and compact, and I am kinda used to the Netherlands’ moderate sized squares, thus such a grand square (which, to me, seemed almost as big as what I saw in Krakow) naturally took me by surprise:

Yet I was even more surprised by how aweeeesomeeeee and tall Nieuwe Kerk was. Like seriously tall :O After all, it is the second tallest church tower in the Netherlands, behind only the Dom Tower in Utrecht xD

The church was built in 1396, and in 1584 William of Orange was entombed here in a mausoleum. Ever since, members of the House of Orange-Nassau have been entombed in the royal crypt.

In front of the Church is the statue of Hugo Grotius. His name rang quite a few bells in me, and it took me quite a few minutes to realize that this is the Godfather of International Law :-S

Opposite to Nieuwe Kerk is Delft’s Renaissance-styled City Hall:

Just behind the New Church I was once again moved by how gorgeous Delft was:

Still in silent awe, I let my feet lead me to different twists and turns. Through every corner I passed by, Delft never failed to make me again speechless at its indescribable beauty:

Neverending row of fine trees~

whose reflections are mirrored in the crystal clear waters:

White bridge, green waterway, and colorful houses, pure dreamy:

Of course we always welcome a colorful car:

I found myself in another smaller Market Square–Beestenmarkt–where I had a nice view of Nieuwe Kerk:

Beestenmarkt, whose ground was created with yellow bricks, literally illuminated in the grey, foggy weather *v*

with colorful houses…

and a colorful cow:

Just located on the square is Maria van Jessekerk–a neo-gothic Roman Catholic parish church built in the 19th century:

As I was in Delft on Saturday, the street market was open with tons of locals busy strolling around immersing themselves in the lively atmosphere. It seemed to me that everyone was eating Lekkerbek. Lekkerbek is the Dutch answer to fish and chips, and this answer is resolute and yummy:

2 euro. Crispy. Succulent. And not greasy at all. Best way to end one’s trip don’t you think?

Delft is a perfectly Dutch town with incredible sceneries. It is convenient located near Rotterdam (15 minutes on train) and The Hague (5 minutes), and is a only one hour away from Amsterdam and Utrecht. If you are looking for a half-day trip from Amsterdam, for example, Delft should definitely be your first choice.


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