[tea house] Tea time at Tea Terrace @ Hongdae, Seoul

If you wander to the far opposite end of the main road in Hongdae, you’ll be surprised to see that the place carries a totally different vibe from that of the usual Hongdae you’re accustomed to. It is quiet, cosy and naturally better. In the event of showing my cousin around during her trip to Korea, I decided to take her to this part of Hongdae as the first stop (who doesn’t go to Hongdae really) and showed her around as an eager  tour guide. That’s how we stumbled upon Tea Terrace when it was relatively late in the evening. I didn’t want to go in at first, only to be convinced a moment later by my cousin to check this place out. So basically, shoutout to my beloved cousin who made this post into reality ㅋㅋ.

As soon as I saw Muscat tea on the menu, I immediately ordered it as a set for two (12,000 KRW) and a brownie (3500 KRW) to complement the taste. While the combo seemed very hopeful and potentially perfect, the result didn’t very much come across so. Sadly, the problem didn’t lie in the combination or the brownie. The problem was solely the Muscat tea.

I was really excited when the staff brought the tea set to our table what with all the beautiful tea cups, shiny porcelain tea pot accompanied with a tea-support and a candle. Theoretically with a candle lit it means the water inside the pot would not lose the heat and the leaves would still brew themselves right? That’s why I couldn’t get it at all as the tea was so poorly brewed it almost had no taste at all.

Looking absolutely stunning though…

Muscat tea is suppose to be very aromatic, fragrance permeating your nostrils as soon as you poor the tea into the cup. It tastes even better, with a distinctively pungent grape-y taste lingering on your tongue before you soothe it with a bite of something sweet. At least that’s what I experience every time I have Muscat tea at Labri. What I had at Tea Terrace though, was cup after cup of boring feeble Muscat-wannabe flavored water. No matter how long I waited for the tea to brew some more, it just didn’t get better. The taste was so weak I had to put a few sugar cubes into the cup to feel something.

While the tea didn’t strike me as exceptional, the interior totally made up for that weakness. The teahouse was lovely, even more so as everything was brightly lit in a warm yellow hue. The tables were arranged reasonably far from each other, creating absolute privacy for the customers. And if the décor was a bit out of concept, I honestly couldn’t care less. I really loved how they sprinkled cute random things here and there, on the shelves, beneath the hanging plants and everywhere else that your eyes could reach. Girls couldn’t stop taking pictures and boys couldn’t help but be a reluctant photographer.

I forgot to take pictures of the menu but a tea set for one person ranges from 6000 ~ 6500KRW while for two 12000 ~ 13000 KRW. The cakes are relatively cheap and they also serve other drinks.


If you’re looking for a teahouse that serves nicely brewed tea, then no, Tea Terrace isn’t going to be the place I’d recommend you to go to. But if you’re like me who’d rather enjoy a little bit of everything or you simply want to spend the freezing evening away in a warm place, there’s no other option as perfect as Tea Terrace.

For direction, please refer to this post. Tea Terrace is only an alley away from Chir Chir Chicken.


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