[eat] Gimme cookies and no one gets hurt… Review of Carla’s Conditorie @ Utrecht, The Netherlands

Like all bad people in dragging TV series, a prick like me never dies and often seems to get all the fun. Luck sometimes seems to come to me out of nowhere, and I have no choice but to graciously accept the power of destiny.

A few days ago I randomly liked and commented on a post on the Facebook page of MyPersonalStyle–a wonderful blog created and run by Utrecht lovers for Utrecht lovers, focusing on awesum spots in Utrecht for cafes, wine, dining, and style. The post, which was a gorgeous picture of a box of mouthwatering cookies from Carla’s Conditorie, said that whoever was the first to comment on the photo would get that very box of cookies. Yes dearest friends and readers, I was the first, as I am always first when it comes to snatching anything free.

Warning: this is a compliment-laden review. No I am not writing a positive review for Carla’s because they kindly gave me a whole box of cookies (12.5 euro) for free, but because I felt the responsibility of a true blogger to praise and recommend to her readers this amazing confectionary shop.

My precious cookie box ;A;

After biking back to my room from Carla’s, all sweaty and puffy, I quickly made some tea and carefully placed these sweet, crisp cakes onto a plate. Carla’s gave me 7(x3) kinds of cookies. The small box in fact was packed full of fragrant sweetness:

Visually, they were stunning.

See how big and wondrous the chocolate chip cookies are :O

After taking no fewer than 100 photos of the pile of cookies from all angles, I carefully picked the first cookie up and devoured the precious little thing in a very ladylike fashion. Heaven was on the tip of my tongue, serious. This crispy, chocolatey, nutty and a tad salty snack was amazing:

Next up was a butter cookie with macadamia nuts. It was light, fragrant, buttery, and the nuts indeed boosted up the flavor by many levels:

A tiny cookie with raspberry jam in the middle. The jam, mildly sweet and pleasantly sour, gave the cookie a lovely fresh kick:

Beautiful, perfectly baked chocolate chip cookie. CCC is incredible worldwide so there is no need to speak, just eat.

A surprising treat: cookie with ginger jam! The jam was flavorsome and full-bodied. The warm, aromatic spiciness from the ginger made this cookie one of my favorite of the bunch:

A cookie with meringue, extremely light and pleasantly sweet. Wish that it was bigger because the meringue disappears in your mouth all too quickly :P

Perhaps the meringue was my least favorite of all because it smelt of egg white :-s I still have one meringue left, but I think I will pair it with some black tea :D

All in all, Carla’s cookies left me in a state of utter happiness and satisfaction. They were creative, buttery, light, fresh, and fragrant. Simply delicious.

Though I ate my cookies at home, here are some photos of Carla’s interior I snapped in case you are wondering:

Carla’s is located right under the Dom Tower–the heart of Utrecht, which makes it a perfect place for you to stop by to grab a quick lunch or munch on some heavenly treats. The amazing cookies and the homey atmosphere of this (literally) sweet shop will definitely make your trip to Utrecht much more memorable.

Carla’s Conditorie, Achter de Dom 6, 3512 JP Utrecht, Netherlands ‎


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