THE SEOUL CHECK LIST, or a realistic guide to Seoul first-timers (part 1)

We still vividly remember that precious (not) first time we landed in Incheon International Airport, all ready and pumped up to start a new life in the land of morning calm. Oh our young seouls (bad pun), how they were overwhelmed, underwhelmed, shocked, annoyed, surprised, delighted at everything we first saw, heard, and tasted. While everyone has his own way of adapting to a new environment (don’t follow our fashion, though, as your diligent authors simply chose to curl into a corner with their antisocial fellas), we are sure that a little bit of insider advice doesn’t hurt anyone. In a desperate attempt to be a little nicer and more useful,  I have decided to create a cheesy list called “Seoul Check List” for our beloved Seoul newbies.

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