[eat] Must-try kalguksu and mandu at 명동교자 @ Myeongdong, Seoul

I’m finally back to updating the blog now that I have some time to really stay in my room and have a little rest. The last two weeks was extremely hectic for me as I was totally invested both physically and mentally in the communication marketing project at school, to the point I had to suffer minor panic attacks which in hindsight were rather embarrassing. But yeah, I’m here for a really quick (but equally important) post before I disappear again for the finals!

Long story short,  I had the best kalguksu in my entire life and a really good basket of mandu at 명동교자 (Myeong-dong-gyo-ja)At this point this blog is going to be a mandu specialised blog thanks to my talent of only eating mandu when I go out. Mandu has never been my first choice when ordering, but somehow it always ends up presenting itself on my table. Oh well, not that I’m complaining.

So the first impression I had of 명동교자 (Myeong-dong-gyo-ja) was that the restaurant was indeed famous and remarkably crowded. Two long lines of people waited patiently, animatedly chatting despite the cold weather until their turn was called and they were directed to a suitable available table depending on the number of people in the group. The staff – mostly middle-aged women were super nice and professional, hand holding walkie talkie, ear wearing earpiece to take orders and bringing the food out for you in a matter of a few minutes!

First of all the sweet mother of all that is good in this world kalguksu. The broth was absolutely amazing and seasoned to perfection. It was deliciously mellow, warm and simply a joy to experience with for a cold winter day. I didn’t know kalguksu’s broth could be that flavorful given the fact that Korean people’s palate is rather bland. That being said, the broth might be a tad bit greasy from the process of stewing the meat, flavour somewhat heavier compared to that at other kalguksu’s restaurants. The noodles too were super premium, all silky and tender in all the right ways.

You might think it is rather absurd (at least it was me in the beginning) to pay 8000 KRW for a bowl of kalguksu knowing that you only have to pay 5000 ~ 6000 KRW for that at other restaurants. But the quality of Myeongdongkyoja’s kalguksu is on an entirely different level. The bowl itself was huge, every single ingredient inside well cooked and mince was everywhere *^*. I was nearly in a food coma already when the bowl was only half empty but that didn’t stop me from finishing everything, I repeat, everything in the bowl.

The mandu (8000 KRW) was pretty awesome too, skin so thin and full of meat *^*.

Remember to bring hard cash with you since you will have to pay beforehand right at the table.

All in all, Myeongdongkyoja is great and their must-try kalguksu is no doubt their money generator. Have a bowl of kalguksu and maybe some mandu while you’re in Myeongdong. You’ll sure be fully charged with energy for the rest of the day lol.

Myeongdongkyoja, Myeongdong Station, exit 8. It’s just right behind Forever21 in case you’re already familiar with Myeongdong.

And hard work does pay off ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ. My team won the Golden prize for the marketing project for HITE (the beer company lol)!


6 thoughts on “[eat] Must-try kalguksu and mandu at 명동교자 @ Myeongdong, Seoul

  1. Hi Han! Great article! Myeongdong is one of my favorite places to eat. I’m going to check that place out for sure. Ohh I just had a baby, so we are taking donations for diapers, college funds, etc. I heard you came into some money recently :)

    • Congratulations on the baby!! You know I’d love to but recently I’ve just found out that Thai is actually my long lost sister who is suffering from a 2-euro syndrome of which she refuses to pay anything above 2 euros which, consequently, turns me into her source of financial support :( :( :(.

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