[eat] Ethiopian food at Sunshine @ Utrecht, the Netherlands

Really sorry, guys, for being MIA for the past week, but I am happy to announce that I AM back (Han should be back after Xmas too) poorer yet with more things to blog about xD My dearest bf has come to the Netherlands to see me and we are going to France & Spain together. So far we have walked around Utrecht twice and eaten out quite a few times. Yes, bf = food + travel = blogging materials.

Yesterday for dinner, we decided to check out the Ethiopian restaurant in town I had been soooo curious about: Sunshine. Despite the cheesy name and extremely dark interior (I always avoid cheesy-named establishment, but even more so dark restaurants), we had such a hearty dinner–a wonderful start for my bf’s stay in Europe.

The bf has always been a fan of Ethiopian food, whose enthusiasm automatically makes me extremely curious about this type of cuisine. At Sunshine, we were a bit overwhelmed with the choices of main dish (well mainly because everything was in Dutch), so we bravely picked the Mixed option (17 euro/person). For this Mixed dish, which is better known as wat, we got a bigggggggg plate full of Ethiopian goodness:

Upon the Injera bread–a yeast-risen flatbread with a spongy texture, which also happens to be Ethiopia’s national dish–were Minced lean beef in a mildly spiced sauce, Beef in a special pea sauce, Mildly seasoned sliced ​​lamb cooked with special Ethiopian herb butter and fresh pepper (translation credit goes to Google Translate thank you), feta cheese, salad, kale with pepper and onions, and lentil sauce.

3 more pieces of injera bread accompanied along with this hefty plate. At first I thought that 34 euro for this meal was a bit too much, but I left the restaurant with satisfied tastebud and a full belly. I enjoyed everything on the plate. Well, feta cheese and salad were pretty banal, but then all the meat options were really good. The stuff in the middle was superb: very spicy, bold, and packed full of flavors. As we used the sour, spongy injera bread to scoop up the curry, the bread itself was soaked with gravy, making each bite a pleasure. Mmmmm.

The bf also ordered a Mango Ethiopian beer (3.75 euro) to wash it down. Exotic stuff right here, and it was really nice too:

Sunshine is a great Ethiopian resto and it indeed lives to its reputation. The restaurant was really dark, but they had a cat, so in the end that didn’t bother me much. Just remember, though, to eat like a true Ethiopian, you have to use your hands.

Ethiopisch Restaurant Sunshine, Pauwstraat 11, 3512 TG Utrecht, the Netherlands.


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