[eat] Coffee and bagel at Bagels & Beans @ Utrecht, the Netherlands

Every city in the Netherlands has a Bagels & Beans branch, but its quality is not at all compromised by its popularity. Bagels & Beans hit all the points I need in a cafe: wooden tables (I am a nutter for wooden tables, deal with it), flowers on each table (extremely important), bright interior (for photos), yummy BAGELS (who doesn’t love bagels?), and great coffee. In fact, the cappuccino I had there was the best I have ever had in the Netherlands. And my bf–a coffee connoisseur (at least compared to me)–only had compliments for Bagels & Beans’ coffee.

The cafe opens its door at 9am, and is always cheerfully packed. We were lucky enough to grab a table next to the window:

Having heard good things about the coffee here, we were both excited to check the myth out. Despite being a tea person, I ordered a small cappuccino for myself and the bf picked a large macchiato for his caffeine-deprived soul:

My cappuccino was yumyum. Very very smooth, creamy, and flavorsome. The macchiato, too, was delicious and pleasantly sweet:

My bagel was served warm with cream cheese. I loved the cream cheese here: rich and buttery and mildly flavored.

Perfect breakfast for 10euro for two:

Bagels & Beans is undoubtedly my new fav spot in Utrecht. The good news is that you can find its branches in any other Dutch city. A great place to enjoy breakfast: because everyone needs a good cup of coffee and a bagel to start their day properly.

Bagels & Beans, Biltstraat, Noordoost, Utrecht, The Netherlands.


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