[eat] Vietnamese lunch at Kimmdae @ Utrecht, the Netherlands

Just a quick blog post about a tiny Vietnamese restaurant on the street of Mariastraat in Utrecht, Kimmade. The bf and I had a lunch date with Mr. Paul (owner of the uber cool photography, humanistic blog called Humans of Utrecht, on which I once appeared). He was such a great guy, who, in addition to taking a lot of photos for us (the bf and I have been dating for a longgggggggg time but the only photos in which we both appear are selfies), also bought us lunch at Kimmade.

I got myself two fresh Goi cuon (summer rolls). They were quite good, though not as good as my mother’s version :P There were some fresh lettuce and cilantro, but we all know the key to a great summer roll is Other Kinds of Herbs that You Cannot Find outside Southeast Asia. The dipping sauce was authentic, but personally I wish they had thrown in some slices of chili:

I recommended the Traditional Vietnamese baguettes to Mr. Paul and the bf because it sounded most authentic to me. The baguettes looked quite substantial with delicious filling. Yet again, there was too little filling for my liking :P

Yes more pork would be much much much appreciated:

This is a photo of me taken by Mr. Paul xDDDDD and of course next to me is my ever sweet, obedient, lovely, loving, annoying bf :)

Kimmade is a good place for you to grab a quick lunch. The place itself is tiny, but the food is fresh, home-made, gluten-free, dairy-free, and delicious. The owners are also Vietnamese, so you can expect non-bastardized Vietnamese fare here (unlike the fake ‘Nam stuffs we find in Korea lol)
Kimmade Vietnamese Street Food, Mariastraat, Binnenstad, Utrecht, The Netherlands.

Anddddd, drum roll guys, this is one of the uber cool photos of us taken by Mr. Paul ;)


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