[eat] Eating out in The Hague: Will’s Pancake House & The Cheesecake Company

The bf and I went to The Hague (Den Haag) last Saturday to visit the famed Escher Museum. Having to pay 20euro pp for a roundtrip ticket from Utrecht to The Hague, I wanted to see as much of The Hague as possible (the Peace Palace, for example). Too bad, the typical insane Dutch weather prevented us from even walking like a normal person. At least we managed to get to the museum alive, as well as got to try some yummy stuffs at the famous Will’s Pancake House and The Cheesecake Company.

I always wanted the bf to try the hugeeee Dutch pancakes (which I blogged about once here). Upon reading somewhere on the Internet that Will’s Pancake House in The Hague has the best pancakes in the city and possibly in the whole country, I had to of course drag my bf there. It turned out that the pancake was very good, but barely different from that I tried before. However, the waffle was simply amazing.

We kicked off our breakfast with two cups of coffee (~3 euro per cup):

After studying the lengthy pancake menu, the bf made a bold choice of Pancake with apples and bacons (actually it may sound weird to some, but we in the know fully understand that bacon makes anything and everything better). The price was quite decent, only 7 euro. Having eaten the Dutch pancake before, I decidedly went with a Belgian waffle with warm cherries, ice cream and whipped cream (5.25 euro).

We hungrily waited for about 10 minutes for our food to come, but the cozy atmosphere and friendly service made up for the wait. Our orders came out warm and smelt lovely.

The pancake was really good, but, as I mentioned, was barely different from the one I wrote about earlier. It was warm, chewy, and buttery. The apples with bacon went together like a match in heaven. Our pancake was tangy, sweet, and salty, with a little kick from the cinnamon. Such a perfect pic-me-up in a rainy morning:

But the waffle was stunning. It is supposed to be a Belgian waffle, but was better than any Belgian waffle I know, even better than Belgian waffle in Belgium! Yes, it was big. Yes, it was served warm with cold ice cream. Yes, it was also fancy with lots of warm cherries on top. But the best thing about my waffle was that somehow there were crunchy bits of sugar inside >v< plenty of them actually. They added to the overall sweetness of the treat, and improved the texture to a whole new level.

Yum yum:

For the waffle alone, I’d make a trek to The Hague.

Will’s Pancakehouse, Gedempte Gracht 80, 2512 KB Den Haag:

After wandering inside the Escher Museum for about 2 hours in a sugar comma from our breakfast, we decided to fight fire with fire: more sugar was needed. And so we headed to the famous Cheesecake Company, run by an American owner with “You can’t Dutch this” slogan for her cheesecakes.

The shop was small but was packed with people by the time we got there. After reading on the website, I had high hopes for some exotic flavors like Ponche Caribe or Eggnog, but there were only a few options available then.

They, though, still looked stunning. We ordered a coffee (2.5 euro) with one Berry blast and one Razma Limey:

Our cheesecakes were excellent. They were not at all too sweet (something I always wary of when I order cheesecakes), and not too dense (which made I feel a bit less guilty…). The Lime piece was tangy and fresh, while the Berry one was, well, you know how a berry cheesecake is supposed to taste like. For the taste, I’d give them 8/10, not because they were not good enough, but I didn’t find anything terribly mindblowing:

At least they looked gorgeous:

Cheesecake Company, Torenstraat 32, 2513 BS Den Haag

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