[eat] Hearty burgers at Meneer Smakers @ Utrecht, the Netherlands

Meneer Smakers is such a famous burger resto in Utrecht that everyone I know of keeps raving about it. Such a shame I hadn’t had a chance to visit the place until my bf arrived. However, true to its fame, Smakers did not disappoint and both the bf and I immensely enjoyed our hearty burgers there.

We were the first customers in Meneer Smakers and warmly greeted by the staff there. After skimming through the list of delightful options (which the bf found a bit weird because his American-burger-brain could not make sense of putting grilled zucchini or eggplant on a burger) we decided on De Meneer Smakers (7.5euro; with beef patty topped with grilled bell pepper, eggplant, aged cheese, and Smakers family sauce) for him and De Mevrouw Smakers (7.5euro; with beef patty topped with grilled bell pepper, zucchini, jalapeno peppers, and Smakers family sauce) for the lady in me. Seeing that hand-made fries were only 2.5euro, we happily ordered a portion.

What can I say? Our burgers were amazing. We both enjoyed the coarse beef patties (instead of patties with finely minced beef we are used to) immensely for its… interesting texture. The bf’s burger had flakes of aged cheese on it, which tasted strong, almost pungent, but we really liked that touch.

My burger was basically the same, but much spicier (of course, it is for a lady). I preferred my burger, but secretly wished that they had sprinkled on some aged cheese too:

And it turned out that the bf really liked the grilled bell pepper and zucchini on our burgers. Take it babe, you’re in the Netherlands xD

Of course a thick beef patty is always a bonus point:

However, our pleasant surprise was the fries. They were indeed hand-made, and fried to perfection of golden crunchiness. They were so good I could eat 3 portions anytime:

Meneer Smakers is indeed a great burger joint. The burgers are delish, and the fries are to die for. The prices, too, are very reasonable. No reason why you should not check it out.
Meneer Smakers, Nobelstraat 143, 3512 EM Utrecht, Netherlands ‎


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