[travel] Magical Paris, day 1

I initially wanted to follow different routes to explore Paris in each and single day I stayed there; but during the bf & I’s 5-day visit to Paris, we practically strolled around the city in a circle, which allowed me to see many sights several times, just in different weathers and times of the day. We saw Paris in rain and shine, from up above and down below; we took a cruise along the Seine, and climbed the Notre Dame; we walked the off beaten track, ate baguettes, munched on macaroons, cherished every moment, and left Paris happy and satisfied.

A magical city is always a magical city.

I enjoyed every minute of Paris, and in fact, the whole trip was a major highlight during my time in Europe so far. I can ramble on and on, but for the sake of our readers, I’d just write about some glittering pieces and bits of Paris.


I always dread the rain. I have stayed in the Netherlands long enough to grow a deep-rooted hatred for torrents from the sky. We left Amsterdam on 24/12 on a Thalys train, when the wind outside was howling like a savage beast :\ The train rode in silence, passing through the stormy Rotterdam, into the typically grey Brussels, on and on to a gloomy France, before making its final stop in Paris-Nord:

Grey was the sky, but Paris with its grandeur and glamor still shone out brightly. More often than not the rain can easily paint a city a dark and gloomy shade, but Paris was sparkling…

So did Joan d’Arc…

We stayed near Place Vendôme–a square filled with luxurious stores ideal for a credit card exercise ;)

The Vendôme Column at the center of the square, which was erected by Napoleon I to commemorate the battle of Austerlitz and later torn down, and then re-erected.

Well it was Christmas Eve:

The most beautiful thing in Paris is of course Guerlain perfume.

From Place Vendôme we took an easy stroll to the nearby Louvre Museum, which was closed at that time:

then the leafless and wintry Tuileries Garden:

The famed Paris Ferris wheel (Roue de Paris), the Egyptian Obelisk on Place de la concorde, and of course the Eiffel tower are still in a good shape despite the weather:

From Place de la concorde we walked to the exuberant Alexandre III Bridge, which connected Place de la concorde directly to L’Hôtel des Invalides. When you are named after a Tsar, you’d better look like this:

and you’d better have a view like this:

this kind of view from the side wouldn’t hurt either:

The girl couldn’t help looking at the gilded statues on the bridge without thinking about her destitute:

Walking along the worldwide famous Champs-Élysées, we two fun-avoidant tourists still managed to take in the Christmas atmosphere of Paris:

A moment of humbleness in front of the Eternal Flame of the Unknown Soldier right underneath the Arc de Triomph, which honours those who fought and died for France in the French Revolutionary and the Napoleonic Wars:

Now that the city was all lit up, it was time to stroll to the Eiffel tower to take in the City of light at its best *v*

My heart lit up the moment I saw this gorgeous, triumphant tower from the distance:

I had always wondered why people make such a fuss out of a steel tower, now I understood why…

Incredibly beautiful from every angle really:

But the Pièce de résistance was, of course, a glittering Eiffel tower!!!!! I was soooo glad we caught this moment because the tower only glitters(ed?) every hour for 5 minutes:

Don’t, however, underestimate the beauty of the Louvre pyramids at night:


7 thoughts on “[travel] Magical Paris, day 1

  1. Did you visit all those places just by walking or did you take the subway/buses too? I’ll be travelling to Paris soon so any advice on how to navigate the city would be appreciated!

    • I just walked, planned on taking subway but it was unnecessary. Everything was fairly between walking distance, I thought that from Place Vendome to Eiffel tower would be wayyyy tooo farr but we actually just strolled and got there. After all, when in Paris, be a flaneur ;)

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