[eat] And the World’s Best Hot Chocolate is…


Before going to Paris, like any first timers, I was anxious about where to chill away an afternoon the Parisian way when I came across some reviews about Angelina. Our stop at this chic, oh-so-Paris Salon du Thé was one of my culinary highlights during the whole trip. Really, just try enjoying a cup of sinfully delicious hot chocolate in such a lavishly decorated tea room on a rainy day, you’ll see why life is worth living for

Located on Rue de Rivoli, directly opposite to the Louvre Museum, Angelina seems to share similar popularity with the world’s largest museum, as there is usually a queue in front of this tea room. After all, though, peeking into this gorgeous shop was enough for a freezing customer like me:

Politely led to our seats by the welcoming staff, we took a wary look at the menu as everything was ridiculously expensive. 6-7 euro for a pastry is not exactly cheap, but paying 2 extra euro to eat inside the shop is a bit absurd don’t you think? Apparently not everyone thought so, thus we had to suck it up and decided on our orders. We both agreed on their signature African hot chocolate with chantilly cream on the side (~9 euro), a Pain au chocolat (3.2 euro), and Angelina’s best-selling Mont Blanc (~8 euro).

A few snapshots while waiting for our food :P

There they came:

We immediately dived into the hot chocolate first, which came in a pot for 2 with chantilly cream in separate cups. Look at how thick it is ;A;

It was just heavenly. Just surrealistically delicious. Thick. Creamy. Pleasantly bitter. Each sip of this victorious liquid brought utter bliss to my every sense and tears to my eyes. No I am not joking. It was just so good.

Mixed with chantilly cream, again, every sip an angel sings:

In a painful contrast with the glorious hot chocolate, the pastries were very uninspiring and definitely not worth the price. The Pain au chocolat (which you could find at any patisseries for less than 2 euros) was of decent quality. It was flaky and buttery, yes, but then all the Pain au chocolat I have tried are flaky and buttery, if not more.

The Mont-Blanc was a bigger disappointment. Made of meringue, chantilly whipped cream, and chestnut cream vermicelli, I understood that the Mont-Blanc should taste light, sophisticated, and mildly sweet. Well I detected and appreciated the chestnut flavor, but the pastry on the whole was very boring to me. Just a ball of different kinds of cream. And don’t.even.mention.the.price.

The bill came at ~30 euro, which was pretty high for 30 minutes in a tea room :P Neither of us was happy about the pastries, but we both agreed that Angelina’s hot choco was simply divine. If you find yourself in Paris, Angelina is worth a try, for the hot chocolate only.

Angelina, 226 Rue de Rivoli, 75001 Paris, France ‎


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