[travel] Magical Paris, day 2

In a delightful contrast to the rainy Christmas Eve, Christmas day in Paris started with bright sunlight and a clear sky. The streets were blissfully free of humans until we hit the touristic spots ;)

A sunny Paris in the winter is not a common scenario, thus we were determined to make the most out of our time under the sun. Our travel plan was arranged according to the weather actually. Out of 5 days we stayed there, 2 sunny days were reserved for walking and enjoying street life, 1 for seeing Paris in the rain because Paris in the rain is also cool, and the other 2 for taking refugee in some gorgeous museums.

Let’s start the morning with some baguette like a real Parisian shall we?

Human-free Paris streets instantly lit up our moods:

From our hotel to my main destination of the day, La Basilique du Sacré Cœur in Montmartre, was around 2~3 kilometers. Paris is made for walking. The city is so smartly and logically planned which makes navigating through the gorgeous streets a breeze, so we walking-maniacs were in an ideal environment. Somebody asked me earlier whether we only walked or took the subway in Paris, the answer is that we just walked. 3km may sound far, but it is actually not that bad. So wear your comfortable shoes and venture in the streets. Why head to the underground when everything up there is so beautiful? ;)

Located on the summit of Montmartre–the highest point in Paris–the Sacré Cœur (sacred heart) is dedicated to, you guess, the Sacred Heart of Jesus. The Sacré Cœur is perhaps the second most famous church in Paris, only after the Notre Dame.

Having read about some dudes trying to give you stuffs/offer to help you before asking for money at the bottom of the hill before, I quickly hiked to the Basilica, while my poor and naive bf was snatched by two dudes who started to make a wristband for him, doing some abracadabra language, then asked for a few euros in exchange for ancient magic. Of course he was smart enough to refuse and walk/run away, but if you visit Sacré Cœur, be careful.

At least the view from the Basilica was soothing:

while the Basilica itself was impressive and beautiful:

Having a good dose of religion, we spent a little more time wandering around the area of Montmartre:

Montmartre is more than just a hill in the North of Paris, it is also known as a club district, but more so an artist district. Salvador Dalí, Amedeo Modigliani, Claude Monet, Piet Mondrian, Pablo Picasso, Vincent van Gogh are some of the luminaries who have worked here:

As it was Christmas day, we were worried that we would not be able to find any restaurant open. Wrong. There were so many brasseries and cafes open that we had a hard time choosing where to go. In the end, we headed to Bouillon Chartier and had a delicious lunch at a very reasonable price:

After a satisfying lunch, we once again walked around to burn some guilty calories ;)

It is only logical that we headed to the brightest part of the city at that moment, aka the Champs Elysee, right?

Apparently humans thought so ~.~

Annoyed by the loud crowd, we retreated back to our nest. Enough walking for 1 day, we had to save energy for yet another sunny day ahead ;)


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