Yet another sunny day! I was ecstatic the moment a ray of sunlight peeked through the curtains! Such a fine day should be dedicated to not merely more walking, but to some extra physical activity aka. climbing to the top of the Notre Dame for a bird’s eye view of Paris.

It was a blissful walk from our hotel to the Notre Dame, as the city was still asleep when the first solar rays brush-stroked the sky with some glorious colors:

View of the Notre Dame from the nearby bridge–Pont de l’Archevêché:

Started in 1163, this massive Catholic cathedral located on Île de la Cité took 2 years to finish. It is the epitome of French Gothic architecture, with a world-wide reputation to boost. I mean, who has never heard of Hugo’s The Hunchback of the Notre Dame? It is a gorgeous piece of art, from east side:

to west side:

The west-side facade was is extremely meticulous and intricate:

with an equally mindblowingly beautiful interior, the stained glass especially:

A visit to the Notre Dame is not completed unless you climb to the top for a view on the whole Paris. We were so immersed in the architecture that we couldn’t find the queuing place for the entrance to the tower at first, when we found out at around 9am, the line was already pretty long. We both hated queuing, but that day was the second and last day with fine weather, thus we decided to put aside trivial hatred to aim for a bigger goal: seeing Paris under a nice, clear, blue sky.

And I’m so glad we did. On the day we queued, the South side was under construction and we couldn’t climb to the very top of the tower (where you can have a panoramic view of the city). We, however, did not mind, as our ticket price was reduced for this minor inconvenience >v 4.5 euro, I think). Plus, what I really wanted to see were the gargoyle statues, and I could see them all, so why complain?

Can you see the Coeur Sacre Basilica on the right hand side?

Cool gargoyles are cool ;A;

I remember flailing around and falling in love with Paris even more at this moment…

Descending from the tower, I decided that I heard my stomach growl. Luckily, the nearby Latin Quarter, is definitely an ideal neighborhood with a myriad of restaurants for us to choose from:

We picked this restaurant for their 15euro pp lunch set, but with 2 extra euro we could have oysters for appetizer:

Yet another excellent lunch in Paris!

My rabbit was a bit dry, but the bf’s duck leg with orange sauce was heavenly. Some of the best duck we both had ever tasted in our lives. Oh, and the baked potatoes soaked in butter were sensational:

You can never go wrong with creme brûlée:

But wait, there’s more! A 2-minute walk from the restaurant led us to Amorino–a wonderful gelato chain best known for its rose-shaped ice cream:

Our pistachio & raspberry scoops were sooooooooooo delicious, but so did other flavors look like:

Side effect from the gelato: I was frozen. The only choice was to walk more to warm myself up. I wanted to see the Eiffel tower in sunlight (I had seen it in the rain and at night), thus we decided to walk from Latin Quarter to Champs de Mars. Such a pleasant 2km stroll…

We saw Hotel des Invalides from another angle that day:

And here came the Tower!

The girl was happy and she made no effort to hide her excitement:

But why should see? Bathing some rare sunlight in a Parisian winter under the Eiffel tower, it is a crime to not be happy:

I was still obsessed with the Alexandre Bridge III, of which I took about 3 trillion photos on the first day in Paris. Determined to see this extravagant structure again in the day light, we hurriedly walked back to the bridge. As expected, we were distracted by some cool stuffs we saw on the way:

After much delay, we finally arrived at the bridge. It was beautiful the other day, but now the sunlight made it breathtakingly gorgeous:

We walked towards Place de la Concorde as the sun was going down:

The last light of the day covered the square in a glorious golden hue:

Oh dear Paris, why do you have to be so beautiful?


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