Liebster Award :)

The ever kind-hearted Derek kindly nominated us miserable, lazy, undeserving bloggers with a Liebster Award.  Derek is our favorite blogger, whose comments are always so kind and encouraging, whose blog posts are long yet a joy to read. We don’t usually read blogs because we are lazy, and, as you have probably figured out, we are scared of people and making friends. Due to these two main reasons, we avoid following other blogs. Derek’s blog, however, we read very regularly.

He also gave us a set of questions to challenge our Q&A skill. We did struggle through this (people usually don’t ask us anything) but here you go.

Warning: Boring stuff ahead.

1) How did you feel writing your first blog post?

LCM: My photos look so ugly I need to work on them.

Hân: I felt really awkward and nervous to be honest because I totally had no clue how this whole ordeal was going to work for me. The only thing I’m decent at (at least I think so) is taking photos and it should have been obvious from the very beginning that you have to write to blog??? So yea.

LCM: This is her first blog post by the way. It is still making me laugh.

2) Is there any experience that you blogged about that sticks out in your mind?

LCM: Even until now I still recall the pork knuckle I ate in Prague with fond memories.

Hân: Rather the experience that I blogged about, it’s the experience that I haven’t blogged about but always wanted to? Last summer I went to Taiwan for 8 days for charity work and I regret not having my journal with me then to keep track of where I went and what I did urg.

3) Why did you choose to be a blogger?

LCM: I didn’t have a life.

Hân: LCM MADE ME DO IT. Lol jk. But I wouldn’t have agreed to doing this if it weren’t a great opportunity for me to sharpen my communication skills. That’s my college major anyway.

4) If you could change one thing about your blog what would it be?

LCM: My (our) laziness.

Hân: We’ve always wanted to make our blog’s interface as visually pleasing and professional as possible.  Other than that, there’s nothing that I personally think needs changing?

LCM: Actually, many other things, our communication skill for example.

5) You have one type of food you can eat for the rest of your life (ie, Korea, American,etc) which type would you choose?

LCM: Vietnamese food & Thai food but okay Vietnamese food. It’s so incredibly diverse and innovative and tasty.

Hân: Is Vietnamese food a type of food? I can eat all kinds of Vietnamese noodles for the rest of my life. No regrets.

6) What is your dream location to blog about?

LCM: Anywhere I can eat a lot of good food without breaking the bank and/or killing myself due to food poisoning.

Hân: New Zealand! I have lived in many different parts of the world and still NZ is the only place I want to come back to, write about and settle down.

7) If you could have one meal prepared, by one celebrity chef, who would it be and what would be the meal?

LCM: Maybe Gordon Ramsay and his take on the Vietnamese noodle soup he tried. I am that unimaginative.

Hân: Joel Robuchon definitely. My boyfriend took me to his restaurant when we were in Paris. Loved everything. It’s all French because I grew up eating them all the time lol.

For hors d’oeuvre: vol-au-vent with savory mince filling, with a twist of slight curry seasoning.

For plat principle: wild mushroom ragout with Margaux bordeaux red wine and cheese fougasse with a side of simple salade Niçoise.

For dessert: Strawberry-yogurt crème Brulée  / Passionfruit & caramel pudding

8) What is one travel book that you would recommend?

LCM: Anything I can lay my hands on the free epub/pdf copy. I, however, plan my trip with advice from tripadvisor mainly.

Hân: I don’t read travel books.

9) What did you study in university?

LCM: The Art of Lying and Manipulating aka. Political Sciences.

Hân: I’m still in school, BA, reading Media & Visual communication.

10) Do you prefer to travel by yourself or with friends? Why?

LCM: With one or two funny friends who can take photos because what is the point of travelling with someone who cannot take a decent photo for you?

Hân: With friends. But then I can hardly stand a group of more than 3 people so 2 friends is enough. One is ideal.

11) Street food? Yay or Nah? Why?

LCM: MOTHERFUCKINGYESYESYESYES. Because I’m cheap and happen to have a strong Vietnamese stomach.

Hân: Depends. But mostly yay! It’s cheap, it’s fun and you can get to know the culture of a country based on what they eat in the most casual way.


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