[travel] Magical Paris, day 5: Palais-Garnier

Last day in Paris, already? Initially I wanted to visit Versailles, but the weather was bad and the leaves were gone. Versailles should look magnificent in any weather and regardless of leaves on trees I know, but I should save my visit to this palace in Spring, when everything is nice and green and blooming, no?

After some research, we decided to check out Palais Garnier, Opera National de Paris, as it received some very promising reviews on tripadvisor. So off we went into a luxurious shelter.

Palais Garnier is yet another icon of Paris with world-wide reputation, mainly due to the fact that it was the setting for Gaston Leroux’s novel The Phantom of the Opera, and later for film and musical adaptations.

It looks stunning even from outside:

The website specifies that the Opera house is open from 10am to 5pm, yet when we got there at 11am, it was due to close at 12:30 ~.~ Luckily, one hour and a half was more than enough to visit this gem. It was fairly touristy, but not to the point of extreme annoyance (I get annoyed very easily so don’t take my words for that). The entrance ticket is on the affordable side (10 euro standard ticket; 6 euro for people under 25), and the decor is indeed breathtakingly beautiful with an interesting history. Well worth a visit.

If you think THIS is cool enough (which I did):

Or this:

Imagine how deep and how far my jaw dropped when I entered this magnificent room:

As long as it glitters, I am to like it:

Tourist’s photo:

The balcony also offers a nice view over the streets of Paris:

Palais Garnier is an extremely beautiful opera house, I will give it that. The funny thing was that the entrance ticket to visit the place is the same price as the cheapest ticket to see a performance there. From what I gather on the Internet, the quality of the performances are, unfortunately, much less spectacular than the opera house itself. In fact, the auditorium was much smaller than I expected, with a shabby-looking ceiling. In any case, however, if you have a bit of extra time in Paris, a visit to Palais Garnier would not disappoint.

And so the report of my trip to Paris ends here. Maybe not…. Maybe I will write about a few places I dined at in Paris, and where I got the best baguettes in the world. Later, though, as I can’t wait to share with you guys my photos of Marseilles and Cassis!


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