[travel] Hiking Calanque de Port Miou in Cassis, France

As my long-time readers probably know, I truly enjoy hiking. The last time I did it was in Jeju with the bf and boy do I miss it. Convinced that no trip is complete without some good hiking, on our second day in Marseille, we hopped on the bus to Cassis–a picturesque community east of Marseille. It is famous for its incredible cliffs and sheltered inlets called calanques. The village is also a gem in itself, with colorful houses and cobbled streets.

We took the first bus M8 from Marseille at 9:15am, hoping to arrive in Cassis at around 10. Sitting by the window, we couldn’t stop wow-ing and ahhhh-ing at the marvelous landscape of Côte d’Azur unfolding before our eyes. The blue sky, the deep sea, the green trees and the white cliffs made a majestic picture that neither word nor photo can describe.

The bus’ final stop is at the village, but we asked the bus driver to drop us at the closest bus stop to the calanques. The nearest calanque is Calanque de Port Miou–one of the three big calanques in Cassis. You can choose to hike or take a boat tour, but I highly recommend sticking to your feet;) The hike is fairly easy, there are some slopes, but nothing horrific. And isn’t looking at the sea from the top of the cliff much better than sitting in a boat looking up to the mountain?

This page gives you some ideas of how to walk and what to expect at Calanque de Port Miou. Actually, you can’t get lost there, just walk along the beach and on the beaten track and you will be rewarded with the most incredible scenery.

At the beginning of the trail you will see a harbor full of sail boats:

This is what crystal clear looks like. The water was so clear we could see a school of tiny fish from the cliff.

If you don’t love this canvas of blue and green then, sorry, you are beyond redemption:

Apparently I was redeemed:

Even without the view, the trail itself was spectacular:

Our 2 hour hike (1 hour of which was solely for taking photos lol) passed by in a blink of an eye with us mesmerized and in awe the whole time:

On our way back we passed by a tiny but gorgeous beach:

Calanque de Pout Miou has to be my most beloved hike. As we were there during the low season, there were not too many people (on our way back at around 2pm there were many more hikers, however). The path was quite easy, despite some slopes and slippery parts. The scenery, needless to say, were achingly beautiful and, no, my photos cannot capture the calanques’ majestic splendor. If there is one reason for me return to the south of France, it would certainly be to hike along the French Riviera and to take in nature’s indescribable beauty.


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