[eat] Best brunch I’ve ever had in Seoul: London Tea @ Apgujeong, Seoul

If I had a wish list of where I want to go before I leave Korea, London Tea must have been there a long long time ago, right on the top of the list. For a person who’d never stepped a foot through London Tea’s door, I sure knew a lot about the place. I knew it’s a pretty popular brunch house, it’s too tiny to be a restaurant, it definitely serves tea because half its name contains the word and most importantly nobody goes home disappointed with their decision of visiting there.  Therefore I decided that it was high time I stopped procrastinating and checked the place out. London Tea, however, went beyond my expectation and it has so far given me the most pleasant experience of eating out in Korea.

I was so excited to check out the menu that it seemed almost painful to see they had so much to offer and all of them sounded equally appealing. After much internal as well as verbal debate my two friends and I decided to have French Toast with Cranberry Cream Cheese (15400 KRW), BLT Dog (14000 KRW) and each of us a House Special Drink: Orange Sunrise (8000 KRW), Pomegranate Oolong (7000 KRW) (mine!) and Chocolate Hazelnut (7000 KRW).

The drinks came first and I remember my heart breaking at seeing how tiny the tea pot was. The quality, however, totally made up for the lack of quantity.

The tea was exceptionally ambrosial, its delightful fragrance permeating our nostrils and leaving us in daze. .Of course the tea itself didn’t taste like pomegranate juice or chocolate drink. To be more detailed, my tea had just the right amount of astringency and a rather little body so I didn’t have to put a frown on my face for drinking  something not brewed properly. In the end, both pomegranate oolong and chocolate hazelnut were distinctively amazing.

While I thought the tea was worth every penny and I enjoyed every last drop of it, my friend was definitely not pleased with the price she had to pay for a pretty looking glass of orange juice. In my opinion it was nice. And we can’t deny how gorgeous Orange Sunrise looks, especially under my camera lens hehe.

On the first sight of our first dish brought out by the server I knew I was officially in love with the place. On the first bite of the toast I knew it was endgame for me and for a flash of moment I felt horrible for having had those other craps called  toast before. The toast was an exquisite piece of art and it was delicious and better than perfect. You see that brunch served in Korea normally lacks a severe amount of vegetables and it usually costs a fortune to order a bowl of salad. Here at London Tea, everything was well balanced, green was as important as the strip of bacon hidden beautifully underneath. Besides, the toast was crisp and the cream cheese inside the toast melted in my mouth and was simply divine.

Presentation game too strong.

BLT Dog was simply a joy though it’d have been better if they had served this before the toast. The fries and salad were definitely a kick in the flavour and made a good combination with the hot dog.

More porn…


Int & ext:

London Tea is both what I want and what I never knew I wanted. It was cosy and served amazing food and generally made me happy. There’s nothing that I don’t love about them, except for the price but I won’t stop visiting this place until I try all their menu and again. Definitely a must go for those who are in search of a perfect brunch in Seoul. 

London Tea, Apgujeong Station, exit 4:


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