[travel] One day in Tarragona

After Zaragoza, the bf and I again took a (long) morning train to the Mediterranean city of Tarragona. We stayed in this city for a day before heading to Barcelona–our final destination in Spain. Famous for its mediaeval alleys and impressive Roman ruins, especially the iconic Amphitheater overlooking the sea, Tarragona is a beautiful port town that deserves at least a day trip from its bigger and better-known neighbor city.

Unfortunately, both the bf and I couldn’t enjoy our stay in Tarragona to the fullest, and it was solely our (fault) problem. As we had to catch the early train, we obviously did not have enough sleep (staying up late the day before watching Sherlock indeed didn’t help…) When we arrived in Tarragona, my eyes were half-closed and suddenly our hotel room looked like a heaven on earth.

After much self-determination, we managed to trudge around to visit the Roman ruins and walk Tarragona’s famed medieval town. Unlike the medieval-medieval Girona, landscape in Tarragona changes quite dramatically: one minute we were standing in front of our hotel in the midst of a busy street, the next we found ourselves admiring the sea from a Roman wall, before venturing into the cobbled back alleys dated back to the Middle Ages.

Can you see the dove up there? ;)

The impressive amphitheater & other Roman ruins:

The amphitheater at night:

Cobbled paths and colorful houses = sweet combo:

Tarragona’s Cathedral–one of the city’s most famous landmarks:

Man-made stuffs aside, what captures my heart is always nature. The bf and I spent a good hour walking along the beach, mesmerized by the changing clouds casting over the rough sea…

Our stay in Tarragona was short and, well, uneventful. I still regret not being able to see as much of Tarragona as I wished due to my intense desire to crash on bed and slip into a slumber until the end of time -.- At least, however, the next day, the bf dragged me out to the beach to catch the sunrise. I have a thing for sunrise & sunset, and my was it worth it. Perhaps there is nothing better than watching the sun–beautiful, bright, perfect–rising from somewhere beneath the ocean. Tarragona, till we meet again.


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