[leisure] Spring destinations in Seoul: Seokchon Lake cherry blossoms @ Jamsil, Seoul

I LOVE SPRING. But then after a long cold winter who doesn’t? The weather is getting positively warmer. People are slowly discarding boring black items and instead warming up to a more uplifting fashion. Most importantly, spring is the season of blossom which is pretty much what photography lovers like me practically live for. As I’d done quite a lot of Seoul/Korea traveling before joining this blog, I figure these photos taken back in the days must not go to waste, which is probably the only reason why I’m starting this spring destinations in Seoul thingy until spring officially comes. I hope you’ll enjoy the photos and visit these places in spring because oh god are they beautiful.

UPDATE (and it’s important so READ IT FIRST): So after I wrote this post I kinda got excited and decided to go see Seokchon lake this year. And guess what? The whole place now is a MESS. Don’t even bother going there this year. JUST DON’T.  They’re building a lot of stuff right now and everything is covered with dust and concrete. The trees looked just sad and ill and yea. If you still stay in Seoul until next spring or visit Seoul spring 2k15, maybe Seokchon lake will be better then.

Seokchon Lake is the very first name I immediately think of if you ask me where to spend the day admiring the blossom and choke on its beauty. It is located conveniently in the heart of Seoul and surrounded by many fun facilities (one of which is Lotte World if you’re into amusement parks). In spring, the trees produce so much blossom that it seems their own flowers are weighing them down. The flowers when in full bloom are so exquisite you will forget human existence around you and understand why we need winter to see the beauty of spring.

Look at all the beautiful bokeh in the backdrop. Friends are great but friends with amazing photography skill is on a entirely different level.

Lotte world

And when the twilight comes…

I miss my photography buddy ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

This, everyone, was my phone/ipad/laptop’s wallpaper for the longest timeeee. I’m proud of my works (sometimes).

Haley is now in Canada but her photos of me will last 5ever ty.

Recommendation: 5 out of 5.

How to get there: Seokchon Lake, Songpa Naru Park, Jamsil station exit 2 or 3. Keep walking straight ahead should you be able to reach the park.


11 thoughts on “[leisure] Spring destinations in Seoul: Seokchon Lake cherry blossoms @ Jamsil, Seoul

  1. lovely photos! Seokchon Lake Cherry Blossom Festival this year will start on 11 April. Do you think I would be able to witness the beauty of the blooming cherry blossoms on say 10th or 9th of April?

    • The weather has been warmer and much more stable so the trees now are in perfect condition to produce blossom so I’m pretty sure you’ll be able to see them in full bloom by then! Make sure to check the weather the day you go tho for sudden showers are the worst!

  2. Thanks for the update! But what a shame, was really looking forward to visiting Seokchon Lake for the cherry blossoms. Will replace this with Deoksugung. Your photos of the palace are beautiful!

    • I’m super glad you got to read my belated notice! Would have taken the picture of the current Seokchon as a proof if the sight hadn’t broken my heart :(.

  3. Great photos! :-) Will be in Seoul for March 25-29, 2015. Would like to ask if cherry blossoms have started to bloom by that time.. One of our iteneraries is Seokchon Lake. Hoping for your response! :)

    • Hi! I’m afraid March will be a little too early for the blossoms to come to life. Usually the blossom season starts first/second week of April. Hope it helps!

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