[LEISURE] SPRING DESTINATIONS IN SEOUL: Deoksugung palace & Changgyunggung Palace

Continuing with my own edition of spring destinations in Seoul, this time I’ve chosen two places that I think are what make this flower admiring season a bit different from your experiences (if you’re not from Korea of course). Introduce to you Deoksugung palace & Changgyeonggung palace.

1. Deoksu-gung Palace

To be honest Korean palaces are not the most artistically impressive ones I’ve ever seen in my life. More specifically, their architecture is not exactly my cup of tea. So instead of looking for those mansions , I’d rather opt for palaces that have pretty surroundings and Deoksu-gung palace is one of them.

Deoksu-gung is a quiet and humble palace located right in the heart of the ever vibrant Seoul. Its yard is decorated with beautiful old trees and enchanting no matter season and most importantly it is usually very very empty. During spring time, this whole place is lit up with exquisite blossoms and amazing atmosphere.

Best time to visit: mid-April

Deoksugung, line 1 or 2, City Hall station, exit 2:


2. Changgyeong-gung Palace

Spring is not only the season for beautiful blossoms to be admired of, it is also the chance for other flowers to bloom and shine. At Changgyeonggung Palace, you’ll find all kinds of flowers blooming prettily everywhere, on the sidewalks, in the bushes and beside the ponds. They also have the green house in which they grow kinda rare flowers that I don’t know the name of. Besides, don’t freak out if you see people with big DSLR guns and tripods in all sizes. Changgyeonggung does have some amazing sights and thus is one of the most popular destinations in spring. I advise you to go early, preferably between late afternoon and before evening time (if you’re not interested in seeing lanterns and night view) and during weekdays if possible because last time I was there, when the evening came and people started coming in, I was almost crushed into pieces by people who only cared about themselves and would step on others if that’s what it takes for them to see things better.

The guide book is available at the very front gate.

Me back then!!!

Pretty flowers~~~

And the pond series~~~

Best time to visit: late April

Changgyeonggung, line 4, Hyehwa Station exit 4. There are also a lot of other subway stations around the palace too but I’m not really sure if there’s any walking path available. I put on a big map here in case you want to figure out yourself. The palace is the biggest pin and Hyehwa Station is where I circled in blue!

OR you can take bus number 172 to the palace should it drop you off right at the door. The station’s name should have something to do with the palace so you’ll be fine. Thanks for the tip Derek!


2 thoughts on “[LEISURE] SPRING DESTINATIONS IN SEOUL: Deoksugung palace & Changgyunggung Palace

  1. Great pictures Han! I can see your pics were taken before you decided to pursue the rebel without a cause lifestyle! Just an added tip for Changgyeonggung palace. If you take bus number 172, it drops you off right in front of the palace. I normally take that one when I head to that part of town.

    • My life is one big spiral and there’s nothing I can do to save myself at this point. On a side note, my blogging life is deeply indebted to you for your comments and info >:))).

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