Prepare yourselves for the best of cherry blossoms at Kyunghee University because boy do they bloom and beam right to the depth of your soul.

The univ’s campus has got to be one of the prettiest campuses I’ve seen in Korea. And in spring, it wins against everything else. Before visiting I’d heard so much about the awesomeness of the campus, but nothing is compared to what I saw in real life. Not just the blossoms themselves, the school buildings are so pretty they complete the picture of the sight, making every single corner of the campus the most awesome backdrop ever.

When the wind blows…

Main building

The campus is really small so everything is sort of gathered in one place. That’s probably why I felt so overwhelmed by the clusters of pink-white soft petals overpowering my senses and I guess this feeling applies to anyone who loves blossoms as much as I do. Come visit before it’s too late.

Best time to visit: NOW (aka early April)

Kyunghee University (A):

– By subway: line 1, Hoegi station.

– By Bus (which is more convenient and closer to school): number 273 Kyunghee University Station.



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