[eat] Korean BBQ at 화통 (Hoatong) @ Anam, Seoul

Wow it’s been a really long time since I last wrote a food review. Even more so since I had a proper Korean BBQ meal. Feeling absolutely desperate for some nicely grilled marinated meat, last week I literally had to drag my friend to a BBQ restaurant that I’d been dying to try out for weeks.

화통 (Hoatong) is a newly opened BBQ restaurant in Anam that has quickly gained popularity due to their fantastic menu relatively different from that of other BBQ restaurants. Even if opening 화통 meant Alice’s Table (one of my favourite cafes in Anam which I almost did a write up but kept procrastinating) had to shut down, the sacrifice was worth it.

A cool thing about 화통 is that we don’t have to order two servings for one choice of meat, which is usually how it works as well as how everyone orders at other BBQ places. So it was only obvious we ordered two different kinds of meat which were 된통 (9000 KRW) and something else of which I completely forgot the name (9000 KRW  the price is still intact in memory nevertheless). Even though I honestly had no idea to which extent the two kinds of meat were different, they were still nothing but delicious protein in the end.

Succulent, tender & well-marinated little pieces of meat…

The seaweed cold soup, which tasted exactly like that in 냉면 was surprisingly delightful and refreshing.

BBQ essence 계란찜 (egg soup) and 된장찌개 (soybean paste soup)

Second batch of meat *-*

They also offered two cute small glasses of gin & tonic (or so I believe) referred to something widely known as “service”. Not until I downed the very last drop of alcohol did I remember taking picture of this little extra buddy so what you see here is just…water. Talk about the art of deception.

I thought the place was nothing but utterly nice, friendly and considerate towards its customers. They were also very generous when asked for more complemented food (garlic/lettuce/macaroni salad etc.) and the staffs were super agile. The only thing that I didn’t like was that they had no exhaust fan so you might not want to go to any place meant for closed intimate space re: coffee shop after for the smell would totally ruin the atmosphere.

Ext (taken only couple of days back at 9.am I’m such a loser)

If you’re in the Anam neighbourhood, be sure to check this place for an affordable yet tasty BBQ night!

화통, Anam station, line 6, exit 3


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